KMA Special Service Week 17

KMA Special Service Week 17

sunday sevice main picThis past Saturday (November 28), Mike and I did our annual Mike And Aaron Go To Toronto record shopping excursion. It was a GREAT day. The weather held, it was a blast to get back to our old haunts, and it’s always super-cool to hang with Mike.

Now, I’d like to apologize to everyone who has items on the KMA Master Grail List: I didn’t find a damn thing for any of you, on this trip. We just have to keep hoping that they’ll turn up eventually…


First up, I wanna give a huge THANKS to Mike. He always makes these trips awesome hilarious adventurous fun. And he usually videos me being a doofus (so, um, thanks for that too?). But it’s so great record shopping with a like-minded guy: the mission is the music. Thanks Dude!

For Mike’s awesome post on this very trip, GO HERE! SERIOUSLY, CLICK HERE! GO!!

And as if that isn’t enough, on these annual trips Mike always gives me a pile of amazing loot that he has stockpiled for the AAAA. I always try to reciprocate, but have a look for yourself, I dunno how to top all of this…







Stealth – …Listen

This is the newest album from Mike‘s sister, Kathryn Ladano. I definitely had my order in for this one, and was gonna send cash monies to support the artists, but somehow this ended up in my loot bag from Mike. And it’s even autographed by both Kathryn herself, and Richard Burrows (percussion on the album)! SO GREAT. A review of this is definitely tops of the heap in the coming Sunday Services. Keep your eyes peeled!

And then he gave me a pile of books (!):

Philip K. Dick – The Man In The High Castle
Sem Hadland – Metallica: Fuel & Fire
Lauren St John – Hardcore Troubadour: The Life And Near Death Of Steve Earle

Lemmy (with Janiss Garza) – White Line fever: The Autobiography
Neil Peart – Travelling Music: The Soundtrack To My Life And Times
Chris Welch – Led Zeppelin Dazed And Confused

Mike. Seriously. THANK YOU!!!


And now, as promised, here’s a look at the loot that I scored during this year’s foray. These are not reviews – this post is simply eye candy to show off all the greatness!^

^All are CD, unless noted… interestingly, I only got one LP, this trip… And somewhere Mr. 1537 shudders…

Let’s GIVE ‘ER!


First stop was BMV. This place sometimes looks like it doesn’t have much, in its bins, but most things in there are the good stuff. Quality over quantity.

Dillinger Escape Plan with Mike Patton – Irony Is A Dead Scene EP
Neko Case – Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
Wynton Marsalis Quartet – Live At Blues Alley (2CD)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Dirty Shirt Rock ‘N’ Roll: The First Ten Years
Thee Headcoats – The Messerschmitt Pilot’s Severed Hand

And, as always, we hit up the 3 For $10 Bin. These three (below) were my scores:

Big Shiny Tunes 6*
Pavement – Slanted And Enchanted
The End Of Violence OMPS

* This one is for James.


After lunch at our usual haunt, Pauper’s Pub, we hit up Kops Records. They had CDs on blow-out, 2 For $5, so I got two:

Izzy Stradlin – 117°
Headstones – When Something Stands For Nothing

I also got one LP at Kops, brand new:

mr. wizard






R.L. Burnside – Mr. Wizard


For our final stop, we hit the big kahuna, Sonic Boom. It takes all the restraint I have not to go nuts in there and start planning for a second mortgage on the house…

To that point, I’d like to offer a thought about our trip to SB this time:

Over all of these years of going to SB, they’ve had a plethora of discs at $2.99 (or less), mixed in with those priced higher. I love getting inexpensive music, and $3 a pop is great. I noticed for the first time (on this trip) a lot of the discs that would have (historically) been $2.99 were now $5.99. Those previously $5.99 were $7.99, and so on.

My lovely wife surmised that perhaps the rent has gone up on their location. I thought maybe they just adjusted it because Toronto.

It affected my total number of discs bought, overall. And it might not be anything: maybe nothing has changed and this trip was just bad timing for quantity of $3 CDs. Only another trip there, another time, might tell me more… Twist my arm, if you must. I’ll go back again, in the interests of science, you understand…

Alright, here we go:

Beastie Boys – Sure Shot
Marillion – Marbles (2CD hardcover)
Marillion – Script For A Jester’s Tears
The Philadelphia Experiment
David Gray – Sell Sell Sell


Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans – The Falcon Lake Incident
Guided By Voices – Bulldog Skin
Wingless Angels – S/T
Emmylou Harris – Wrecking Ball


And The Ones That Got Away…

Of course, I left behind a zillion other desirable albums, but mainly some Roots I still don’t have (priced used at close enough to new to make me go hmmmm). Also the LP of Atoms For Peace’s Amok… $27 was too rich for me, when deluxe CD would suit me better. I also forgot to look for the CCR green/gold hits set. It was high on my list, and was probably there… And lastly, the Criterion edition DVD of the Stones’ Gimme Shelter. I won’t pay $42.95 (+ tax) for one DVD. I’ve never put it on my Grail List, as it is readily available, but that was too steep for me.


Because I don’t get to do this very often, and my town has no good record shops at all, I always hope I can make it worth my while during these excursions. This time, I feel very, VERY good about what I got on this trip.

Thanks again to Mike, for all of this amazing AAAA loot, and for the great travelling companionship. Here’s to next year’s Taranna trip!!

And don’t forget to CLICK HERE for Mike’s post on this trip!

Comments on all of this stuff are forthcoming, as I go through it all. Oh baby!

Thanks for tuning in!

20 thoughts on “KMA Special Service Week 17

  1. J. says:

    Great hawl! Three of my absolute favourite albums in there, too! (Neko, Izzy and Emmylou). Enjoy your treasures!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      It was indeed a successful trip! I got tons of great tunes. And I could’ve easily bought a whole bunch more. I left a lot of goodness behind (damn these financial constraints!).

      I knew those three would be in your comment! Today I’m thinking the Thee Headcoats is my big score of the day (I so rarely see Childish’s stuff in the shops, and I want them all!) but tomorrow it’ll likely be something else… 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

      1. J. says:

        Can’t beat filling upon great music. I reckon there’s always stuff that gets left behind in these types of scenarios, eh? Left behind, but not forgotten!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Oh yes, it was a beautiful day. We found a heap of greatness, and I could’ve bought four times as much. Easily.

      Man, if I win the lottery, you’ll be on the next flight out! 🙂

      I don’t know a lot about Kickstarter, but I do know some people I’ve worked with in the past who were definitely kick-starters (ie they needed a kick in the ass to get them to work).


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks! And heck man, no stress. I don’t get to go to Toronto that often for this purpose. In fact, it’s usually once a year. And with no decent record shops in my town, I’ve got all the time in the world to hear all of this before I go back and load up again!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      I know! They also had the first Malkmus record in there too. I was trying to convince Mike of its glory but he ultimately left it behind. 🙂

      Glad you dug the extra Service! Now, get ready for a whole heap of Sunday Services where I’ve actually listened to all of this!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. deKE says:

    Cool score with the books! Now get reading Library Boy! Haha! Tons of stuff you and Mike cleaned up there anything much left in the Big Smoke? Ha!
    That Headstones is that a single or some kind of EP/Album? Never seen it ……
    Izzy I have that record but it’s buried in my basement somewhere from what i recall its pretty decent….
    Glad Ya boys had fun……


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha so what am I now, Library Boy or the Melting Pot? I’m gathering nicknames like crazy! 🙂

      Oh yes we totally cleaned up. I look at all of this here now and am still shocked. The Big Smoke had tons left. I could have bought triple what I got and still gone back for more!

      The Headstones is a single, with three (at the time) previously unreleased tracks. Neat! And the Izzy, yeah. J. really recommended that to me so it was easy to snag it.

      Fun? We had a BLAST! Wahoo! GIVE ‘ER!


      1. deKE says:

        Now that U got a nickname u can move to Tbay! First on the agenda a visit to the memorial known as The Tbay Landfill to pay homage to Ladanos Lost cassettes!


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