Monday Morning Coming Down

Today we return to the grind.

School’s back in. My lovely wife had to go back to work. My contract at the library is done, and I’m back to looking for work again.

And of course, after two weeks of holidays and excitement and prezzies galore, the house is in a tip.

So, after shovelling the driveway clear of all the snow we got last night (it’s gorgeous!), I went on a cleaning binge in the house.

It was needed.

And while I worked, of course, I cranked the tunes. I thought I’d share the soundtrack to my herculean tidying efforts, as decided by iTunes’ random play on my entire collection of 35, 171 items!

Give ‘er!

Robert Plant – Calling To You
Blind Lemon Jefferson – Cat Man Blues
Roots – Diedre Vs. Dice
Ani DiFranco & Utah Philips – Stupid’s Pledge
Levon Helm – Tennessee Jed
Elvis Presley – Suspicious Minds
Pavement – Beautiful As A Butterfly
Tom Waits – Jayne’s Blue Wish
Hayden Stewart – The Way You Run
Jim Cuddy – Married Again
Marillion – Afraid Of Sunrise (Unplugged At The Walls)
Bryan Adams – Somebody (live)
Metallica – …And Justice For All
Guided By Voices – Chasing Heather Crazy
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Real Emotional Trash
Neil Young – Helpless
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Red Right Hand
Barenaked Ladies – The Old Apartment
Guided By Voices – Gleemer (The Deeds Of Fertile Jim)

Fun times!

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Coming Down

  1. Sarca says:

    Too bad the library couldn’t keep you on…although if it’s anything like Stouffville, those jobs are covetted and life-long…and part-time only or short-term contract (I had a placement at our library while in library tech school, and for two weeks running, I got an ear-full)


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I know! I tried my damndest to be awesome and prove they needed to keep me, but this was a project with a definite ending date. Alas. And yeah, it’s really bloody competitive for the main gigs, so it looks like (for now) I’m back to patron status. But who knows what the future holds!

      Liked by 1 person

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