Wynton Marsalis Quartet – Live At Blues Alley

Surely I don’t need to tell you of my love for Wynton Marsalis’ work by now, do I? Well, it runs deep and this set was one of my first of his. I think I remember buying it on cassette in the US on a trip there with family… Double cassette case! I got it on vinyl in Toronto last spring, and on 2CD on my most recent trip to the Big Smoke with Mike.

What to say? To have been there would be to have your mind blown, as this recording proves. Wynton does everything with style and taste, and such a strongly-steeped sense of jazz, both historical and contemporary, in his playing. And the whole quartet, which never, ever does anything less that perfectly, just SWINGS. Goddamn. GODDAMN!

Superlative players captured perfectly in a smokin’ hot live set. I love this.

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