It’s Poll Week! Monday Edition

Let’s have some fun! It’s Poll Week! The Monday Edition is a fun one. You see…

I was just sitting here with the knowledge that (as of today) it’s only 11 weeks and 5 days until the Iron Maiden concert in Toronto. I can’t wait!!

So I thought I’d poll you guys: What are your Top 5 Iron Maiden albums?

For this poll, I’ve included studio, live, and compilation albums (source: Wikipedia).


So. What five Maiden albums are your absolute favourites?

Give ‘er!  \m/   \m/

4 thoughts on “It’s Poll Week! Monday Edition

  1. J. says:

    May favourite five … well, the five I know best:

    Powerslave, Fear of the Dark, A Matter of Life and Death, Maiden England ’88, and The Book of Souls!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Right on, J. ! Those are all mighty records. You know, in retrospect, I wonder if that was an impossible task, just choosing 5 Maiden records… ah well, that’s why it’s a fun mental exercise! 🙂 Thanks for voting!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Interesting! I’m glad you found a work-around. I was gonna have it just be studio albums, but then someone would say well I can’t have a Top 5 without this or that live album or whatever so I figured I’d better include live and comps too!

      Thanks for participating Deke! I know the Bowie news pretty much took over today.


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