10 thoughts on “It’s Poll Week! Friday Edition

    1. keepsmealive says:

      When James texted me the news, I said the same thing. His work is stuck in our brains and it’s a good thing. My lovely wife’s fave movie of his was always Truly Madly Deeply.


  1. Vinyl Connection says:

    Just have to drop by to tell you that as I scrolled past this post in the Reader, I could have sworn the blonde was David St Hubbins.

    And KMA, thanks for your recent bits of humour, btw. It’s been a grim week. I really loved Alan Rickman too.

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    1. keepsmealive says:

      OMG you’re right! Cannot unsee! Hahaha good one.

      Thanks Vinyl Connection, I try to bring humour every now and again anyway, but this past couple of weeks has been a real bummer for favourite musician/actors dying so it seemed like a good time to keep things light. But I like to think that, in the great Shakespearean tradition, all things happen in threes and so we oughta be death-free for at least a little while. 😉

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