Chris Welch – Led Zeppelin: Dazed And Confused

This book was a phenomenal gift from Mike during our most recent foray to Taranna. It’s awesome!

Here we have the stories behind every song on every album, complete with context and historical information. This whole thing is an information overload! Published in 1998, it also has a whole section at the end for what the guys got up to after LZ ended (Plant’s solo career, the Firm, the remasters and boxed sets, even playing together at Jason Bonham’s wedding!).

Throughout the pages, too, are tons of great pictures, many of which I’d never seen before.

160 pages of Zep bliss.

Thanks heaps, Mike!!!

14 thoughts on “Chris Welch – Led Zeppelin: Dazed And Confused

  1. Sarca says:

    I have a pile of Led Zep books, but not this one. I have the Richard Cole bookin hardback too. I haven’t read them since I was in high school but kept them because they are nice the leaf through.

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        1. keepsmealive says:

          I’d heartily recommend that one get bumped to the top of the pile. It’s awesome. But I found that the follow-up, LZ-75, wasn’t really necessary. It was some new information with a lot of rehashing of HotG.

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