Black Flag – Slip It In

If my memory serves me correctly, it was during a bunch of label crap in the early 80s (which kept them from releasing anything new) that Black Flag just kept playing and writing anyway. When the crap ended, they released a deluge of music, three albums in 1984! I’ve already reviewed Family Man, and My War, in these pages. But somehow I am remiss in not bringing you the brilliance that is Slip It In.

From its awesome Pettibon cover art to the absolutely insane and punishing music within, this record is yet another Flag masterpiece. The title track makes me laugh every time (while I rock the hell out). And then it’s one of my personal theme songs, Black Coffee. STARE AT THE WALLS! Wound Up keeps the energy going, and by now it’s obvious that Greg Ginn is some sort of riff genius – there are these brilliant bits pasted to absolutely simple bits, and it’s all heavy as hell.

Rat’s Eyes chugs along and tries to be menacing but it always just makes me laugh. I love this song for the camp that it is. Obliteration is a cool jazz punk metal instrumental. I used to think it needed words, but over the years, in the context of the album, I appreciate that they left it as is.

The Bars metal punks us into bliss, another solid Flag track. My Ghetto requires you get past the annoying feedback intro to get yourself sandblasted by the song itself! Haha wow that shit’s crazy! I love it! And finally, You’re Not Evil lurks along like that creepy guy walking behind you on the sidewalk at night. Those guitars! This song always slays me. Perfection.

It’s 38:37 of excellence, folks. Oh my yessss… slip it in…

5 thoughts on “Black Flag – Slip It In

  1. 1537 says:

    What you need to do is make a Slip It In / Lick It Up / Slide It In mix on iTunes, alternating tracks from all three … you’d probably break on through to the other side if you did that.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      OMG it reads like poetry:

      Slip It In
      Slide It In

      Black Coffee
      Not For The Innocent
      Slow An’ Easy

      Wound Up
      Lick It Up
      Love Ain’t No Stranger

      Rat’s Eyes
      Young And Wasted
      All Or Nothing

      Gimme More

      The Bars
      All Hell’s Breakin’ Loose
      Guilty Of Love

      My Ghetto
      A Million To One
      Hungry For Love

      You’re Not Evil
      Fits Like A Glove
      Give Me More Time


      Dance All Over Your Face
      Spit It Out

      And On The 8th Day
      Standing In The Shadow

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