Iron Maiden 2016-04-03: The Videos

I spent some time on the Tubes Of You, and found fan-posted videos of every track played at the Toronto show! So of course I have put them all here, in one place, in the right order!

NOTE: I do not own any of these videos, or any rights to anything. I’m just posting this for all to enjoy. If in some way this is not allowed, let me know in the comments and I’ll take it down immediately. Thanks!


01 Intro: U.F.O. – Doctor Doctor & If Eternity Should Fail:

02 Speed Of Light:

03 Children Of The Damned:

04 Tears Of A Clown:

05 The Red And The Black:

06 The Trooper:

07 Powerslave:

08 Death Or Glory:

09 The Book Of Souls:

10 Hallowed Be Thy Name:

11 Fear of The Dark:

12 Iron Maiden:


13 The Number Of The Beast:

14 Bruce’s Intro To Blood Brothers:

15 Blood Brothers:

16 Wasted Years:

Holy shit. WHAT A SHOW!!

We really got a great one, folks. Being there was an all-timer show!

And then of course, there was the Outro: Monty Python — Always Look On The Bright Side of Life,  but it only played while the roadies were tearing down and no one seems to have posted a recording of that (and fair enough).

I hope you’ve enjoyed! We sure as hell did.

PS: I’ve also got MP3s of all the tracks from the show, and I want to get them edited into a cohesive show. I need to learn Audacity!

5 thoughts on “Iron Maiden 2016-04-03: The Videos

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Deke, I am all about the passion! You heard that correctly, ladies! hahaha

      Happy to set this up, it gives you a better sense of what we saw. I was too busy rocking out to take notes about each track, so this is way easier!

      Powerslave was amazing. I don’t know how he sang in that mask. Well, I guess if Slipknot can do it, why not the indomitable Bruce Bruce!

      Liked by 1 person

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