Sloan Adventures, 2003

In honour of Deke meeting Chris Murphy after the recent Sloan show in Thunder Bay, here’s a pic from the time James and I met Chris after the Saskatoon show in the fall of 2003. As I told Deke, all you gotta do is wait around after the show, usually one or more of them come out to say Hi! to folks.

On this night, it was Chris. He wanted to go talk to some family who were in the crowd that night, and promised to come back to talk to us after that. And he did!

My lovely wife and I had just returned to Saskatoon after our honeymoon, to Halifax (Sloan’s hometown)! And we’d survived Hurricane Juan while we were there, so I think Chris was pretty glad to get some news about what happened to Halifax in the storm, as they’d been on tour and it was still really recent news. Great guy, got his autograph (which is on the ticket stub in my left hand), and this pic.

Holy crap, I haven’t been that skinny in a looooong time. I look ill!












That was a great show. I think James’ smile is because he was probably still laughing at how they played The Other Man that night and he loved teasing me about it (I still don’t really dig that song). Anyway.



Also: We met both Chris and Patrick after the Meaford show I saw with Brother Craig in 2011. Sadly, I have no photographic proof of this event. And we both had phones with cameras! Gah! You’ll just have to believe me!

11 thoughts on “Sloan Adventures, 2003

  1. deKE says:

    Cool story …looks like Chris is doing the Shaz Bot Nano Nano with his hand while your doing The Fonzie ….Aaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Cool pic…


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha Deke WTF is a shaz bot nano nano? Was that an autocorrect mess-up?

      I was giving a thumbs-up, but I had my ticket stub in my hand and he’d just signed it, ink was likely still wet so I was trying to hold it safely and… click…


        1. keepsmealive says:

          Ohhh alright! I read it as nano (like nanobot or iPod nano, not nanoo with the oo at the end)! Makes much more sense now. I am old too – I remember Mork & Mindy. Hooboy.

          Of course, I can’t remember anything important, but I remember that stuff. And song lyrics. Holy crap I have a head full of that stuff.


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