My Mom Is The Greatest

I know I said I was gonna get into the vinyls and do a mid-week post on some Hit It Or Quit It items, but there hasn’t been time in the Man Cave to get it done properly, and I don’t want to do it if it ain’t gonna be done right! Instead, I offer you this gem of a story:

It’s true. My Mom rules. For so many reasons. Not just because of the following story, nope no way. This is just one small example of her awesomeness. I could go on for days about that lady…

As you know, Brother Wilf and I saw Maiden in concert recently. It was awesome. But we left Toronto late, and drove through a shitty, shitty snowstorm the whole way home, a 2.5 hour trip that took us 4 hours. I got to my place and fell over in bed about 03:30 am. Then I got up at 07:00 to get the kids ready for school. Then I went to work. After work, I spent about an hour at my folks’ place, just shooting the shit with my Mom. This was around 3:00pm, and the kids had gymnastics after school with a pick-up of 4:30pm. I confess, I was not all there. A little more than slightly delerious from lack of sleep, of course (and I wouldn’t fall into bed until about 10pm that night).

I told her all about the Maiden trip, though I left out exactly how bad the drive home was (Moms worry, don’t you know). I didn’t lie, though. Who lies to their Mom? Anyway, I must’ve been rambling about music, as I do whether I’m whacked out from lack of sleep or not (as my lovely wife will happily attest), because after Maiden I got talking about Sloan (as is also my wont) and how I was gonna have to miss their Barrie show as it fell so soon (two days) after the Maiden concert and a second show so quickly just wasn’t in the cards.

At some point I must also have started talking about the (limited to 1000 copies) anniversary boxed set for One Chord To Another that was on presale. James had sent me the link, he got his copy! Yay! Anyway, I was saying how beautiful it must be, but that this would be the first of all the Sloan limited releases (there have been many, by now) that I would miss out on. Again, it was just not in the cards! Ah well, no biggie. I’ve been very lucky, recently, as it is.

Then my Mom says, “well, order it!” Me, in a stupour, probably already jibbering about some other band by then, didn’t think I’d heard her right. She said, “Just order it, and happy birthday! I know you really like those guys, and far better you get what you want than I try to find it and try to surprise you.” And I probably said several things that sounded like “Buh,” and “whuh” before (hopefully coherently, remember I was without sleep) explaining that that was waaaaaay too much, really. It was! Nope. It was go ahead. Jeez.

My birthday is in July. Now, these things sold out in about two days, though I did manage to get my order in. It arrived this week and it is beautiful! Well, the blue outer box is beautiful. I haven’t opened the shrinkwrap yet… Mom says I have to wait til July. Hahaha! I knew there’d be a catch.

Thank you, Mom. Thankyouthankyouthankyou.

Just look at all of this MAJESTY!*

Detailed Information

– 3 LPs with 2 lyric inserts
– 12″x12″ 32 page full colour book
– 7″ single
– Fanzine style booklet
– High quality digital download and a bonus digital-only LP of demo recordings
– Bonus pack of signed photos only in 20 random box sets
– Limited edition of 1000

Side A
The Good In Everyone
Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay
Junior Panthers
G Turns To D
A Side Wins

Side B
Everything You’ve Done Wrong
Anyone Who’s Anyone
The Lines You Amend
Take The Bench
Can’t Face Up
400 Metres

Side A
El Say
Pictures Now
I’m Gonna Give It A Try
Song #1

Side B
Learn How To Play Dead
Imagine All Songs
Flexible Flyer
In My Mind
Teachers In The Bleachers

Side A
Let’s Get the Party Started
I Can Feel It
Dignified and Old (Jonathan Richman)
Glitter and Gold (Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil)
Over You (Bryan Ferry and Phil Manzanera)
I Am the Cancer

Side B
I Can’t Let Go (Chip Taylor and Al Gorgoni)
Stood Up (Matthew Grimson)
On the Road Again/Transona Five (Jones and Wilson/Gane and Sadier)
I Wouldn’t Want to Lose Your Love (Myles Goodwin)

Side A
Mirror Ball (Junior Panthers demo)
Side B
John, You Made It On (G Turns To D demo)

ONE CHORD TO ANOTHER DEMOS (Bonus Digital-Only Album)
Side A
The Good In Everyone (demo)
Billy Joel (Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay demo)
Autobiography (demo)
Mirror Ball (Junior Panthers demo)
John, You Made It On (G Turns To D demo)
A Side Wins (demo)

Side B
Everything You’ve Done Wrong (demo)
Everyone Who’s Anyone (Anyone Who’s Anyone demo)
Found A Way (The Lines You Amend demo)
Sing Your Little Heart Out (Take The Bench demo from Pier 21)
Can’t Face Up (demo from Idea Of East Recording)
400 Metres (demo)



This is gonna be SO awesome.

I cannot even begin to thank my Mom enough. Wowzers. This is the same lady who got me birthday tickets to see Sloan in 2011. I mean, seriously!

Can’t wait for July! 🙂


copied shamelessly from the Sloan KT8 store page

25 thoughts on “My Mom Is The Greatest

    1. keepsmealive says:

      It’s gorgeous. Just like the Twice Removed boxed set, it’s a thing of beauty indeed! Sloan have had their own label for a long time, and I think that was a smart move indeed. Damn the suits! 🙂

      My Mom rocks. What a lady.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha I haven’t opened it. Those pics and all that info are from the web site. It’s sitting here all wrapped up, waiting for July.

      Funny, my Mom said I should leave it at her house until July, to remove temptation. But I’ll be good! I will!

      It might even be one of the 20 copies that are autographed. I just DON’T KNOW!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. J. says:

        I’ll give it a blast, sir. I’ve listened to a few – I like the vibes on the albums I’ve heard so far (I think I mentioned this before, but there’s some Big Star and Fountains Of Wayne in there)


  1. jprobichaud says:

    Lucky sonofagun. I was eyeing but decided I couldn’t afford with all my other recent purchases and with RSD coming up.


      1. jprobichaud says:

        I’m hoping they reissue just the album, without all the extra discs, because I’d love that one in my collection.


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