Dark Necessities

getawayOh yes yes yes! As you’re all no doubt aware, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have a new album called The Getaway, and it’s set to drop on June 17!

This is fantastic news. At least it is for me, I sure do love me some Chilis.

The first single, Dark Necessities, is already a classic Chilis tune. Most of the elements are here – yet another funky Flea bass riff, slinky drums, that Chilis sound… all that’s missing is the guitar in the fore. I need that damn guitar! Haha. At least there’s a solo! Then it sticks around towards the end.

Here we also have some excellent piano work that, as much as anything else, defines the tune, gives it that soulful feel. The tune builds, and proves the Chilis haven’t lost one damn step.

This one’s gonna be huge.

36 thoughts on “Dark Necessities

  1. James Kalyn says:

    I like these guys well enough even though it’s super uncool anymore. High School Me loved Blood Sugar Sex Magik so much.

    Having said that, this parody song is pretty spot-on:


  2. deKE says:

    Will have to check this out as it’s the Peppers and there’s some dissension in the ranks about the song……..cool comments…


  3. stephen1001 says:

    I heard this on the radio the other day, was quite intrigued by the first 40 seconds, then lost interest when it switched to the funkier section.
    Upon your recommendation Aaron, I shall give it another try!


  4. J. says:

    Dang. I was hoping to never hear from this band again. I get that folks dig them loads, but their last good album was Californication and even that was pretty mnah. Sorry.

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      1. J. says:

        … which, aside from a couple of good tracks, is a fairly average album. In my opinion.

        Truth be told, I’ve never been their biggest fan. I hopped aboard at Blood Sugar Sex Magic and the only RHCP album I actually bother with these days is One Hot Minute. So what do I know!

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        1. mikeladano says:

          I checked out when John Frusciente left the band the second time. I once heard someone refer to him as “Hendrix reincarnated”. I don’t think his importance can be understated. (One Hot Minute notwithstanding!)


          1. keepsmealive says:

            They’ve never had a bad guitar player. I’ve read some dislike of Josh online, but that’s just silly. The man can play!

            Hendrix reincarnated? Haha whut. Maybe some of the tones, sure, and he’s damn good, but not overall like Jimi!

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            1. mikeladano says:

              A buddy of mine auditioned for the Peppers around the time they let Arik Marshall go. Imagine that!

              Josh is great. I don’t get the hate. He’s got soul.


          1. keepsmealive says:

            Hahahahahaaaaaa oh man I’d forgotten that story!

            See, I thought you were playing on the album title, The Getaway…

            Or worse, the song title, Dark Necessities…


  5. mikeladano says:

    I didn’t have much reaction to this. The piano and bass are good but RHCP are doing the same shtick since Californication. The song did have some cool parts but I am hearing the same old same old.

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    1. keepsmealive says:

      See, I don’t disagree, really. When a band find its sound, they’d be silly to change it up too much. Just about everyone is guilty of it. Look at what happened to Mumford And Sons when they tried to make a rock record last time haha.

      The thing with the Chilis, for me, is that that thing that they do is so damned good, it’s like meeting an old friend again every time. And in that way, it’s nice to be able to come from that place of familiarity and comfort and spot the subtle differences and strengths in the new songs!

      Chilis FTW! Woo! 🙂


      1. mikeladano says:

        I actually vastly prefer electric Mumford to the acoustic!

        I wish RHCP would bring back the funk but they’ve found their niche. I blame the success of Under the Bridge for that.


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