A Rebel Few – As The Crow Flies

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A Rebel Few has made a record that blows the frickin’ doors off.

Born Again starts us of with a really satisfying blues metal stomp. The next track, A Rebel Few, is a single if I ever heard one. Holy hell. It’s got all of the elements (including fun time signatures, Zakk Wylde squealies, great chug sections) to carry them head and shoulders above other bands. I drive faster when this one comes on… Love this track!

Empires Fall brings on more of that slinky metal blues, another monster track. Actually, I could see this one as a single too, with a video cutting between the band on stage, and a bunch of girls posing out on the hoods of cars at some sort of sports car festival. Dyin Breed rolls in and proceeds to pummel us into submission with solid rock. Hells yes! Wanna go 100 mph? Crank this one!

Said N Done’s guitars swarmed into my brain and then jammed them clear into next week. This tune is muscular, and it swings. Yes, you read that correctly. It swings as it gets the job done with aplomb. And then we’re right back into the straight-on skull basher double speeds (great solo here, too) before shifting back. Yes yes yes! Serious fooled me into thinking we’d finally get a ballad. Haha nope! Another great rawk tune!

Who Knows plays the same card as Serious, probably as close to a ballad as these guys can get haha. I actually hear a lot of Soundgarden in this one, and I like it!! Bitter Man is a bouncy rocker that’s still heavy as hell. I got this one stuck in my head for days. It could be a single too! And lastly, Pure Revolution soars like a rock and roll bomber on a run over enemy territory. The whole thing is epic, even the gentle bits (with piano!).

In Sum:

Folks, this record fuckin’ RAWKS. The sound is perfect, it’s heavy as hell, and I hope this band is as thrilled with the end result that is this record as I was hearing it. They nailed it. A Rebel Few needs to keep doing exactly this, and they will go far.

Metal horns way up!  \m/  \m/

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