Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Ska-Core, The Devil And More

Off the strength of the Duran Duran Tribute album I got in Toronto last trip, I’ve been rewinding my musical tastes to the early/mid-90s and my ska/punk fixation. It’s been fun!

I’ve already covered this band’s More Noise And Other Disturbances (1992) somewhere in these pages. Well, this 1993 EP offers more fun originals, live tracks, and some covers! My favourites are always the horns. Dicky’s growly vocals, the punk and ska guitars… they had a thing and they did it well!

Someday I Suppose is the one you’d likely know, a nice mid-tempo jam. Think Again is a straight-up sand-blaster Minor Threat cover (with a ska break section). Yeah! Next it’s an Angry Samoans cover, Lights Out, a 0:51 punk punch to the gut. This makes my Short Music For Short People-loving self very happy.

Police Beat, an SSD cover, stomps almost metal, chugging along with menace.  Then they switch gears completely and skank their way through the Wailer’s Simmer Down. Next up it’s a live run-through Drugs And Kittens/I’ll Drink To That. It just sounds great. Loved it. Now, this track is 38:45 long, which means the first track is front-loaded, and then they do that silly 90s trick of the hidden track with all the blank space and then another track that comes, in this case, at 36:17. Ah well. It’s another short, live MMB song called Howwhywuz Howwhyam, because why not call it that.

Great EP! Much fun!

2 thoughts on “Mighty Mighty Bosstones – Ska-Core, The Devil And More

  1. jprobichaud says:

    Nice! Loved the Bosstones back in the day! And I still think Someday I Suppose is my favourite track. That Lights Out cover is dynamite though.


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