Shut Up And Kiss Me Downtown

Man, the radio at work is full of things to notice.

Today, they played a song called Shut Up And Kiss Me, which I had to look up…

… it turns out it’s by Mary Chapin Carpenter, from her 1994 album Stones In The Road.

The riff sounded really familiar… so familiar…


Yup, it was Neil Young’s Downtown! But wait…

…that song, released in 1995, was recorded with members of Pearl Jam for the Mirrorball album, and was even nominated for Best Rock Song at the 1996 Grammys!

So,,, if Mary Chapin Carpenter released hers in 1994, and Neil’s was 1995… um, Neil, what’s up?


Am I the only one hearing similarities in the riff, here? Drop a comment!


36 thoughts on “Shut Up And Kiss Me Downtown

  1. Bill says:

    Never knew who MCC was. At her concert w Indigo Girls literally right now (here for Shawn Mullins). Heard her playing a song and immediately said “this is Neil Young’s downtown.” Went to see if the internet ever had the same thought. Here we are. End of story and thanks.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Hey Bill, welcome! What a great show that must’ve been, MCC and Indigo Girls, and Shawn Mullins too! You’re lucky! Yup, it seems obvious to me, glad you hear it too. At first I thought they both stole it from Warren Zevon’s much earlier Werewolves Of London, but I dunno…

      Thanks for reading, and for commenting!


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