Coke Machine Glow

On the heels of our Gord Downie Tribute posts yesterday, I thought I’d also share this cool memento, gifted to me years ago.

Back in 2001, Gord had just released his solo album/book of poetry called Coke Machine Glow. Of course, I was all over it, super-excited. I bought both the CD and the book and devoured them. The tunes on the CD are awesome, of course, and the book contains the lyrics from the songs, as well as other poetry.

And then one day I met up with my long-time buddy, Brother Brian, and he just sort of unceremoniously said “here, you’ll want this” and hand me a copy of the book. When I was about to thank him and say I already had it, he held up his hand and said “you don’t have it like this!” I looked closer… the book had been autographed by Gord!

Immediately I needed details. Where did he meet Gord? What did they talk about? Sadly, Brian hadn’t met the man. He’d been in a Chapters book store the day after Gord had been there for a book signing, and they’d had copies left-over. So he snagged one for me, knowing I’d be over the moon.

Now that, folks, was understatement. What a beautiful thing. THANKS, BRIAN!!


11 thoughts on “Coke Machine Glow

  1. mikeladano says:

    What a treasure, dude.

    I have this book! Not the CD…but you sent me the book! I’m looking at it right now. You must have found it somewhere and knew it needed a good home. I should really complete the set and get the album. That would help boost my cart to free shipping, something I’ve been meaning to do!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yes, Brian really floored me with this one!

      Oh man I remember finding that copy for you. I found it and knew it needed to be rescued, and exactly where it oughta go (hoping you dind’t already have it, natch).

      Gord Downie is ALWAYS a great choice to add to any order. Do you have his other solo records? They’re all GREAT!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah it’s really cool indeed! I’ve puzzled over the autograph for years. I see the “D” for Downie clearly, and the rest could be his last name too, so where’s the G or any of his given name? Odd. It looks like “7 Downie,” to me.

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