Bjork – Venus As A Boy

From the classic Debut album, Venus As A Boy is a funky little ditty with strings, and all those inimitable Bjork touches we know so well.

This EP has some extra tracks from the period, which makes me happy. First up is the Edited LP Version of the title track, and then it’s Stigu Mig, which is a short little noodle of a tune. Stong vocals over guitar washes. Sounds like an idea for a bigger song thrown onto tape. Cool.

Next it’s a 12:04 Underworld Remix 110bpm of Human Behaviour. Now this was an expedition! Tribal-like drums bring us into a build as elements are added. Lots of blips and bleeps, some added vocal stabs from some guy… It’s OK. I can hear this playing in the background in a trendy restaurant in Montreal on a summer Friday night, when all the beautiful people are out and dressed to the nines, paying too much for food and drinks.

There’s More To Life Than This (Non Toilet Mix) is next. The album track is a fun party track (she even goes out to the car for a bit haha). I always found the party people talking background noise distracting. This track fixes that up by removing it completely. It’s true that there’s more to life than a driving disco track like this, but it’s simple fun all the same.

Venus As A Boy (Anglo American Extension) slows things way down, turns it into a Portishead-like beauty. Damn, I think I like this version better than the album version! And finally, it’s I Remember You, a harp-driven throwback to the likes of Billie Holiday and Nina Simone. Proof that Bjork’s vocals are one of a kind, and they suit that type of track beautifully!

In Sum:

The last two tracks were the best, but I appreciated hearing everything here. Neat!

4 thoughts on “Bjork – Venus As A Boy

  1. J. says:

    I haven’t heard any of this, but man, I haven’t listened to that album in so long. I need to dig it out now!


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