Wayne’s World OMPS

We all love Wayne’s World, right? Schwing!

This soundtrack CD is tons of fun. First off, of course, is Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. I don’t need to tell you anything about this track, or about the role it plays in one of the film’s most classic scenes.

Cinderella get their full AC/DC on with Hot And Bothered (I had to check and make sure this wasn’t an AC/DC cover!). Then it’s the Bulletboys’ Rock Candy, which rocks hard in that 80s way, but it plods along a bit, for me. Sometimes slow and bluesy works, and sometimes it doesn’t… here, I can probably leave it.

Gary Wright’s spacey, cheesy Dream Weaver is next, another major part of the film. And then we get one of the reasons I bought this CD, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ non-album track Sikamikanico, which is a full-on Chilis rock out punker blast. Damn I love that track.

Black Sabbath’s Time Machine (from Dehumanizer) follows that. It’s a solid straight-on rocker. Always a pleasure to hear the mighty Dio! And then we switch gears without a clutch, with Wayne and Garth’s Wayne’s World Theme. It suits the show perfectly. Although, it certainly did not need to be 5:14 long. I mean, 2:30 and yer done, boys.

Tia Carrere gets a track here, of course, covering Thin Lizzy’s Ballroom Blitz. It’s pretty good (better than I could do), but I can only hear the original in my head. Sorry, Tia. We go straight into Jimi Hendrix’ Foxy (Foxey) Lady, which is a stone classic that requires no further comment here. Yay!

Alice Cooper’s Feed My Frankenstein is a great, full-sound Alice stomper. I liked this song then, I like it now. Fun! Rhino Bucket’s Ride With Yourself is another shameless AC/DC homage. Eric Clapton is up next, with the bouncy bluesy Loving Your Lovin’. It’s a fun tune, but for him it’s a bit of a throwaway, ain’t it?

And finishing off the disc is Tia Carrere again (oh yay) with Why You Wanna Break My Heart. She goes full 80s here, and it’s pretty bad. I mean, she can sing alright, but the tune itself doesn’t grab me at all.*

In Sum:

A cool soundtrack to a great fim. Man, we were all over that one, back in the day, huh? I didn’t like all of the songs here, but that’s OK. There’s more than enough greatness to make up for it. Party on, Wayne! Party on, Garth!

Bonus Round:

Wiki says some versions of this disc had Soundgarden’s Louder Than Love on it, but I’m so used to this copy that that one (great song though it is) would feel tacked-on, to me. There were also some songs in the film not on this CD, like Ugly Kid Joe’s Everything About You, Temple Of The Dog’s All Night Thing, Kix’ Cold Chills, and two more Tia Carrere tracks (Touch Me, and a cover of Hendrix’ Fire).

* In looking it up, I discovered the old original Dwight Twilley song, and, well…


30 thoughts on “Wayne’s World OMPS

  1. boppinsblog says:

    I have had it happen that another blogger posts about one I had planned. I had the same reaction. Oh well. There’s lots of music to go around.

    Aaron can you email the rest of us from now on to make sure you won’t be posting one we have planned?



  2. Vinyl Connection says:

    Many of these are fairly unfamiliar to me, but it sure sounds like a solid soundtrack.
    BTW, I quite like the Dwight Tilley song. He’s something of an unsung hero of power pop, though this one leans more towards the pop rather than the power. Still, pleasant song.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      It’s a mostly solid soundtrack. I could do without some of the songs, but that’s usually true of these things. The songs that I love here, though, are truly great.

      Honestly, I didn’t even know about the Twilley track until looking into the song for this post. I think maybe I wasn’t so into it because Tia Carrere already wrecked it for me with her version! But I’m glad to know you like it. Maybe it’ll grow on me!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. keepsmealive says:

          It’s true! Having a 50% staff discount at work really helps, but I’ve always shopped for the bargain. I rarely pay new price for anything (unless it’s a new release I have to have), in fact I rarely buy new CDs (unless they’re cheap). Mike will tell you, I am the king of the bargain bins. I can find treasures everywhere! It helps that I like almost all types of music, so there’ll always be something there that won’t cost much but will make me happy!

          There’s probably a whole post in this, my philosophy and approach, etc. Suffice it to say, I ain’t cheap, and I will pay for something expensive if it’s rare or whatever, but I do like to maximize my discretionary music dollars. Cheaper per disc means more discs!


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