Chuck Berry – The Great Twenty-Eight




Maybellene / Thirty Days / You Can’t Catch Me / Too Much Monkey Business / Brown-Eyed Handsome Man / Roll Over Beethoven / Havana Moon / School Days / Rock And Roll Music / Oh Baby Doll / Reelin’ & Rockin’ / Sweet Little Sixteen / Johnny B. Goode / Around And Around / Carol / Beautiful Delilah / Memphis / Sweet Little Rock And Roller / Little Queenie / Almost Grown / Back In The USA / Let It Rock / Bye Bye Johnny / I’m Talking About You / Come On / Nadine / No Particular Place To Go / I Want To Be Your Driver

We know these songs so well, maybe even take them for granted. We shouldn’t. Put yourself back in the timeframe, back when this was fresh, and realize how much this matters. Every note. Every strut. Every song.

If you have any further questions, I cannot help you. Seriously. This is the real thing.

13 thoughts on “Chuck Berry – The Great Twenty-Eight

  1. stephen1001 says:

    In Chuck Klosterman’s new book (but what if we’re wrong) he argues that centuries from now, Chuck will be the lasting memory of rock n’ roll – can’t argue with that!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I like Klosterman’s books. Yup, Chuck, Elvis, Beatles, maybe Stones. Of course, centuries from now, Britney and Beyonce will also be ensconsed in hallowed halls so, you know, it ain’t all gonna be pretty…


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