Bidiniband – The Motherland


No KMA Sunday Service today, folks. At least, not in the usual way. I’ve spent this week in a blur of busy, and have posted a few things I’ve heard on an on-going basis. Thanks for stopping by, and let’s dig in, shall we? 


A 2014 Bidiniband album about which I knew nothing? As a fan of this man’s work, I did the only thing anyone would do and ordered it straight away.

There’s a precedent for musicians writing about their current Canada, just as much as there’s also precedent for bands writing about being tired of the (then) Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government, like Blue Rodeo and Geoff Berner.

I add Bidini (and Rheostatics) in with the Tragically Hip as two excellent examples of our generation’s homegrown bands who add Canadian events, issues, and love of country into their songs with aplomb. Whether it’s direct comment on something, or just giving that feel of what it’s like to live here, they nail it every time. This whole record, then, is a nod, and many of the songs are a statement… a rather angry statement about how Bidini saw Canada at the time.

It’s hard to write political songs without sounding like a strident street corner shouter, and if you get too specific too often with names and events, the album can date itself very quickly (hello Neil Young). But I think Bidini had a lot on his mind, and most of this gets handled really, really well. It’s also notable just how great this band (Doug Friesen, Don Kerr, and Doug Linklater) really is (everything happening on this record is stellar), and they carry the messages through perfectly.

The Grey Wave starts us off with a sweet swing, a trippy gorgeous song that’s part country, part rock, part folk, pure Bidini. It’s gentle, it builds, it crashes… yes! Guest artist Selina Martin provides excellent vocals. Title track The Motherland’s rock punk happiness tells a great story. This is an infectious tune for sure. Hot on its heels, The Fatherland rock blasts us further up the road and oh my goodness I love this tune. What a guitar solo! If they ever played these live, I hope they only ever played Motherland and Fatherland back to back. They’re a set.

Maybe one of the best tracks here is All Hail Canada, an homage to our great country, pretty but with a real edge. He makes a lot of excellent points about how things really are here, politically and environmentally, and gives us lines like “All hail Canada,We’re number 1 in all the things the world believes we used to represent,” and “I hate to think that everything could disappear in four small years, but you and me won’t ever see what lurks behind their dark veneer.“ And we can’t forget “All hail Canada, where prisons grow from the minimum sentencing of the pot heads who were caught at home smoking dope lying in bed, we’ll send them to the prison with the Blacks and the Indians in the land of the brave and free.” It’s that sort of vitriol that powers this whole record.

(The Return Of) Fat is a long, toe-tapping country rock sweep of a tune that grows into a major guitar wailing pounding drums rock out before calming back down. Hey Jesus’ pick up truck country pleases greatly, and carries on the theme of the record.

Ladies Of Montreal rocks a celebration of the beautiful province of Quebec. Selina Martin returns, singing in French. I won’t lie, there really is something about the ladies of Montreal, that je ne sais quoi, non? My my my. Fun tune! Everyday Superstar is a pretty pop song chorus with a slinky rock bluesy backbone. I loved this one, for sure, especially the crazy perfect guitar solo. He even growls when he tells us he’s an animal out of control.

The Motherland Part 2 carries on wiyh a call to revolution over great guitar runs and a classic rock vibe. “From sea to sea it’s who we’ll be, to fight the fight, to seed the weed, the twisted words they use to keep us down,” and “They rape the land and whore the earth, from tired slums to poor reserves…” is all a shout and slap in the face to those in the crosshairs. I love the breakdown section, it’s jagged and riveting. The song is restless, giving us a myriad of sounds and approaches all with in its near 6 minute length. Incredible. “Politician on a covert mission to hide the truth, Stephen Harper you’re not my father…” Oh man!

And finally, Say The Names features Al Purdy and the Billie Hollies, and gives us a Purdy poem set to music. Lots of female vocals, a trumpet (I always cheer for the trumpets!) and, yes, it might plod a bit, but it’s meant to and therefore it is perfect. And the message, well-chosen in this work, continues our theme adroitly.

In Sum:

What an album!! I cannot stop listening to it. Do yourself a favour, find yourself a copy of this gem and play it over and over. It just gets better. Bidiniband have made a masterpiece, with this one, and I can’t thank them enough!

Even more pleasing, in the title track, he hints we might get more… “You might think I’m an angry, radical freak for all I’ve sung, but when it comes to speaking my mind, I’ve only just begun.”

We can only hope, Dave. Please never stop doing what you do!

9 thoughts on “Bidiniband – The Motherland

  1. stephen1001 says:

    If there can’t be a formal Sunday service, a Bidini post is a fine substitute!
    Nice call on him/Rheostatics being on that elite list of Canadian artists that document our country so well


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks Geoff! Yeah, I hadn’t accumulated enough to do a proper Sunday Service, so I did a big write-up on one of my favourite Canadian artists. Fair trade? I thought it might do… As I said to Bop, I’m just going with the gut these days, so whatever hits these pages is everything I have at the moment. After all, I prefer to “use it up, use it all up, don’t save a thing for later…”

      It’s a dead cinch to name Rheos and Hip as bands who have this country in their blood and in their songs and art. It only makes me love them more.


  2. boppinsblog says:

    Coffee. Check.
    Put some music on. Check.
    KMA Sunday Service. What?

    I do loves me some Bidini. Also Panini, Rotini, zucchini, houdini, martini, linguine, and bikini.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha “these are a few of my favourite things…”

      This is a great record. Seriously great. If you see it in the shops, don’t think twice just grab it.

      Sorry for the lack of Sunday Service. Things have been hella busy and, while that has never stopped me before, this week it did. Maybe it’s the heat. I don’t do well in the heat, my brain and body just shut down. I wilt like a plant in dire need of water. Well, whatever the case, don’t worry. There’ll be lots of content in these pages in the coming days (I found a couple koffkoff of gems at work for cheap, so there’ll always be something to write about.

      Funny, I love the KMA Sunday Service, it’s a cool forum and frees me up a bit more to just chip away through the week. But this past little while I’ve also enjoyed tossing up a single album review on its own on a random day. I’m not gonna beat myself up over it, just gonna let things happen as they happen. So long as the music is getting into my ears, the rest is details!


  3. J. says:

    Interesting. I think I might have something by this chap … maybe (or I’m familiar with the name, at least).

    And yeah, drawing on political and social shenanigans can be troublesome when it comes to sounding dated. Or relevant, depending on whether it’s a more localised political thing. Makes it difficult for someone somewhere else in the worls to identify with. Unless the theme is universal, of course.

    Anyhoo, really smashing write-up, fella.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Hey thanks J.! I couldn’t believe I’d missed this release, and I’m a huge fan so I felt bad… ach, no matter, it’s here now and I love it.

      Have a dig for what you have there, either of Bidiniband or Rheostatics. It’s all gold.

      Writing universally applicable angry political rants is really tough. Not a job I’d like to take on myself! Bidini didn’t really seem to be trying for that, though. He was angry at Harper, and he was saying so and not apologizing for any of it.


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