Rolling Stones – Rarities 1971-2003

I’m continuing my recent Stones kick!

Here’s a story I’ve told you before: This CD is one I saw in the shops, but never grabbed up as I figured there was no hurry. Then I stopped seeing it around, and used copies got very expensive (I presume because it went out of print, probably?). So when I found a copy at a decent price, I was thrilled. Nice addition to the collection!

The internet tells me that not much here is particularly rare, if you collect the Stones. I do, and I’m not even all that deep into it, and though I have a couple of these tracks already, most were new to me. Apparently many of them appeared on a limited disc that came packed as a 2CD set with a version Of Flashpoint called Rolling Stones Collectibles. Some are on Sucking In The Seventies, and I have a couple on the Collector’s Edition disc in the 1971-1989 boxed set. There you go.

A Note About The Cover Art (from Wiki): Although the cover image is from 1978 (from the music video for “Respectable”) it only shows the current four members of the band and does not feature bassist Bill Wyman, who was removed from the picture; the original colour image can be seen in the booklet from Forty Licks, showing him standing in the back behind Jagger and Richards.



Here are the tracks:

Fancy Man Blues is a sweet 12 bar blues that hits all the right buttons for me. It was a b-side from Steel Wheels’ Mixed Emotions CD single. I got it on the .

Tumbling Dice (live) starts off as the Chuck Leavell piano-led vocal warm-up version that I loved from the Totally Stripped DVD. It soon breaks into a full-band live version from the Voodoo Lounge tour. I wish they’d left it as the full warm-up version! Still, this is a sweet version I didn’t otherwise have, because I’ve never seen those singles anywhere.

Wild Horses is the version from the Stripped CD, so it’s not rare at all.

Beast Of Burden (live) is from the 1981 tour, released as a b-side to the Going To A Go-Go single in 1982. It’s a fun version, played fairly straight.

Any Way You Look At It is a beautiful slow ballad, with strings and Keef’s beautiful acoustic guitar (and Keef’s vocals, for a second there). Lovely. It was a b-side to the Bridges To Babylon track Saint of Me CD single.

If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt.2) is pure disco, oh lord. The Stones really went for it in the 70s, didn’t they? Haha fun. I have this one on Sucking In The Seventies, it was an Emotional Rescue outtake.

Miss You (Dance Version) honestly doesn’t sound all that different from the album track. It’s from the 12” single released in 1978, though this one has been edited shorter from its original 8:36.

Wish I’d Never Met You is a b-side from Steel Wheels’ Terrifying single, and it’s a solid blues track holy hell. I loved this!

I Just Wanna Make Love To You (live) is a superb, slow version of the old Muddy Waters classic which, of course, the Stones used to play all the time. Fantastic! This version is from the Steel Wheels tour, and was a b-side on the Highwire CD single.

Mixed Emotions (12” version) sees the song getting re-done as a… what, a dance remix? Or someone’s late-night messing around in a studio? I dunno, I’m not sure this needed to be a thing that happened to this song.

Through The Lonely Nights is a b-side from the It’s Only Rock And Roll album. It’s sweet enough, I liked it. It’s a fairly typical Stones slower tune, with some psychedelic sounds thrown in.

Live With Me (live) is a solid rocker, a Voodoo Lounge b-side.

Let It Rock is a sweet, live Chuck Berry cover. Great to hear them go back to their roots and pay homage!

Harlem Shuffle (NY Mix). This is the 12” dance single remix version. Exactly. Not the best song in the first place, and now it’s longer and remixed (and even this one here is edited shorter from the original vinyl remix!)! Um…

Mannish Boy (live) isn’t rare at all, being both on Love You Live and Sucking In The Seventies. A filler track, like the Stripped Wild Horses (above)?

Thru And Thru (live) was recorded live at Madison Square Garden, and featured on the Four Flicks DVD set. I always love it when Keef sings, and this is a great version of the Voodoo Lounge track. Oh Keef, that naughty mouth! And when it picks up, it’s just all the more perfect.

In Sum:

You could argue it’s rather hastily put together, and anyone who makes a hobby out of collecting Stones stuff will likely already have most of it. But I don’t think it’s a total cash grab. Sometimes labels put out things like this for the folks not obsessive to collect all the stuff individually. It’s varied enough to really show how deep and how far the Stones have gone over all these decades. The blues tracks are the stand-outs, for me, and I could have done without the dance remixes. The rest is cool by me. If you see it in the shops, get it. It appears this disc may itself be a rarity.

Here’s the Wiki if you want the full details on all of this! 

12 thoughts on “Rolling Stones – Rarities 1971-2003

  1. J. says:

    Rolling Stones run showing no signs of slowing down! I don’t know much at all about this one at all … it’s mostly the studio albums that get my attention. Sounds like an interesting collection, even if a tad patchy.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      A Stones run is never a bad thing to be on, J.! This is a cool set that I’d recommend you grab, if you see it at a decent price. It’s b-sides and live stuff, but to try to collect all of the original sources would cost a lot more than just getting this disc! Patchy, sure. Just like their career! Fortunately, they’ve been at it so long and they’re so damn good that even their sub-par (for them) stuff is better than most other bands’ stuff.

      Give ‘er!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks, Deke! Doesn’t get much cooler than the Stones.

      It’s been a lot of work, writing all of this up. A real labour of love. But it’s all been worth it. And I ain’t even done yet… more to come!


        1. keepsmealive says:

          Awsome, I’m so glad! And you know what? ME TOO! It’s always a pleasure to run through a Stones pile like this. Live albums, comps, singles, man there’s so much to do outside of the studio albums. I get the feeling I ain’t done yet, too…


                1. keepsmealive says:

                  Man, I really am collecting a pile of catch phrases. Pretty soon, all of my posts will be nothing but those…

                  Gah! Give ‘er! Community! That’s what she said! Wahoo!

                  Actually, reading that back, it’s not too far off the mark already…


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