Rolling Stones – Shine A Light

Recorded at the Beacon Theater, this set is the soundtrack for the film (of the same name) by Martin Scorcese. Now, in checking my shelves, it seems I don’t own that DVD… oversiiiiiight!

Anyway, the Wikis: Click here for the CDs    Click here for the Film

There are two CD versions, a 1CD and a 2CD. I bought the 1CD version first, on a Taranna jaunt. It was on another Taranna jaunt, ages later, when I found and immediately snapped up the 2CD version. This as-I-listened ‘review’ will cover that edition…


Jumpin’ Jack Flash starts us off with a decent version. Mick messes with the vocals a bit here and there, and that’s fine by me. Shattered here is good enough, and good on them for putting it up top as the second track. She Was Hot is a deep cut from Undercover that rocks along at a clip. Seems like the Stones aren’t holding back for this show! Especially when they next whip out Exile’s All Down The Line at a gallop. And the horns are here too (I always cheer for them)! Yes!

They stay with Exile and Loving Cup is up next, with special guest Jack White. Mick says it’s a romantic song, and he tries not to look at Jack when he sings it because he “looks a little bit iffy.” Hahaha. Jack handily holds his own on this perfect song (I love all of Exile unreservedly). Cool beans! As Tears Go By is up next, and it’s a great one. I do like this tune, even after all this time, and they just keep on nailin’ it.

Some Girls is a fun, bluesy romp, really cool that they dragged this one out. The guitar solos at the end are the best bit. Just My Imagination brings back the horns and plays it fairly straight (which is still great). Faraway Eyes brings out the country and the funny, this one always makes me chuckle.

Champagne & Reefer (w. Buddy Guy) is exactly what you’d expect – bluesy awesome! Holy hell, that was wonderful… Tumbling Dice keeps the show rolling in high, sloppy-but-not style. Damn, they’re playing a lot of Exile on this set! I love it!

Band Introductions follow, and Mick doesn’t even get introduced! Haha, that guy could be anybody, right? Ah never mind, we’ll assume it’s him… So then Keef steps to the mic and nails a beautiful You Got The Silver with Ronnie backing him up on slide. And then, without hesitation, they slam right into a rocking Connection. For these two songs, I assume the guy we’re assuming is Mick Jagger is backstage having a cup of tea and some biscuits.


Martin Scorcese Intro involves discussing how not to burn Mick Jagger with the lights. Seriously! Haha it’s only rock ‘n roll, baby. They jam into Sympathy For The Devil and it’s a killer version. The crowd sings along and adds a ton of woo woos! They rock straight into Live With Me with Christina Aguilera. She’s trying too hard to add that growl to her voice. And then she does some warbling at the end that I’m sure she thinks is powerful but I think is just awful… oh please just stop. I’m sure Mick just wanted to rub against her in front of everyone. I didn’t like her contribution to the song.

Start Me Up is next, and cleanses the palate after that last track (thanks Christina). It’s a solid run-through. And let’s be honest, by now it damn well better be. From the sounds of it, this was where the main part of the concert ended.

But of course we blast straight into Brown Sugar, so I assume this is the encore? Damn, I really need that DVD! Anyway, it’s a version you’d expect, all about the nimble guitars and Bobby Keys’ almighty saxophone. Up next is (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, but not before Mick says the lights are burning his ass. Haha. One has to wonder, at this point, if they truly are sick of playing this song. Maybe they’ve gone past being sick of it into a level of acceptance that allows them to play a version like this that surely rocked the house. I mean, it’s just over five and a half minutes long, so my guess is yes. Talk about a blow-out!

Things fade out, and then it’s Paint It, Black. I assume the DVD explains all the different cuts and exits between tracks here. Ah well, just rock it and forget the details! At this point, I am in a state of Stones bliss and couldn’t care less what happened when. This is a superb, throbbing Paint It, Black, heavy on the Eastern sounds. Little T&A is another little-played live track. Only Keef could sing it properly. Loved it.

I’m Free bounces and floats on that ethereal guitar line and that old Motown bassline. Fun! And finally, it’s the album’s namesake, one of my favourites from Exile, Shine A Light. It’s played a little faster (I think) than usual, but it still has that unending feeling of joy and lift that it always does. I love guitar solo at the end, it always slays me. And those keys…

In Sum:

Whew! It’s a Stones extravaganza! I loved it. And I really need to get that DVD!

Bonus Info:

The 16-track, single CD version track listing is slightly different:

Jumpin’ Jack Flash
She Was Hot
All Down The Line
Loving Cup (w. Jack White III)
As Tears Go By
Some Girls
Just My Imagination
Faraway Eyes
Champagne & Reefer (w. Buddy Guy)
Band Introductions
You Got The Silver
Sympathy For The Devil
Live With Me (w. Christina Aguilera)
Start Me Up
Brown Sugar

16 thoughts on “Rolling Stones – Shine A Light

  1. stephen1001 says:

    That’s too bad the Christina Aguilera contribution didn’t work, as she can certainly sing. THough when I feel someone’s doing ‘a voice’ instead of just singing, I tend to lose interest.
    Not losing interest in this stones series though Aaron!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I find with a lot of the new singers that it’s all about bombast and warbling and calling it soulful. It isn’t. I haven’t got much time for any of our generation’s singers of this type. Most of the time, my first question is “who told this person they could sing?”

      As for this one, see for yourself. Maybe you’ll disagree with me when I say I thought she was pretty bad!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks! And easy to do when it’s such a fine live album. I think I need to dust off my thesaurus and find some alternatives for the word AWESOME though… haha uh oh my bias towards this band is showing again…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. deKE says:

    I got the full show off this as ITunes had a while back for $5 a total steal for non physical product! Hahaha…
    It’s good but man I always like going back to the Hamptons! Still Life and Flashpoint!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Wow, $5! Total score! And there’s me buying the CD sets, twice! Sure, they were probably used copies, but you still win on this one!

      Oh man, Still Life, Love You Live, I gotta get to those in these pages, and soon! Flashpoint rocked me again, recently, holy hell. And Hamptons? Haven’t I covered that one for you yet, Deke? Man, yer gonna start thinking I’m teasing you with it or something! 😉


  3. J. says:

    Yas! Stones run continues! I don’t have this and haven’t heard it. Haven’t even seen Shine A Light. Shocking. What kind of fan am I!?

    What was that you said? … “I said get off my blog, part-timer! Glory hunter!” … I’ll get my coat 🙂

    I’ll rectify this, though. Cause this sounds great. Then I can come back here, right? 🙂


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yup, I’m enjoying this Stones run – I think I’ll do some more! 🙂 Maybe I’ll break it up here and there, but for now I’ve got Stones on the brain…

      Man, we’d never kick you out of here! It’s entirely believable that you haven’t gotten to this one, the Stones have put out a pile of product. How can folks be expected to keep up with it all? Even I don’t have it all, surely…

      Anyway, no worries. I’ll meet you in Kerching. 🙂


      1. J. says:

        Hurrah! I was hitting up Tattoo You. Tremendous album that one (in my opinion).

        Anyhoo, see you in Kerching! 🙂


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