Rolling Stones – More Hot Rocks

Yesterday we had a look at the awesomeness of Hot Rocks. Today, it’s time to have a look at its companion, More Hot Rocks!

Here’s the story (from Wiki):

When Hot Rocks 1964–1971 proved to be a big seller, there was never any doubt that a successor would follow. However, initially—with Andrew Loog Oldham getting involved—the project was to feature previously unreleased (or more accurately, discarded) material and be titled Necrophilia. Artwork was prepared and the album made it as far as the mastering phase when it was recalled and something a little more practical was compiled (ABKCO would revisit this concept with 1975’s Metamorphosis). The result was More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies).

Featuring the hits that could not be shoehorned onto its predecessor, as well as first-time release of many previously UK-only releases, the double album was quickly pressed and distributed into North American shops in December 1972, reaching No. 9 in the US and going gold. 

And here’s proof that Andrew Loog Oldham was an interesting dude. From the More Hot Rocks liner notes:

Andrew Loog Oldham’s liner notes, as preserved on the 1990 CD release, read:

way back when / the sleepy owls of the brill building / brillcreamed and braincreamed that melody was coming back / and lo it had / it flew past their windows yesterday / as Paulie, a bebeatled ballade / Lennon’s advocate for the Kalin Twins (who is the other jaggered half?) / seen so far away / and today will never come to the Judas Iscariots / who mock the hands that feed them / from here within / December’s Children and the Aftermath of the war of the parking lots / stay away from new caddies, they’re faulty / stick with our original edsel / the 17 + 8 / 8 from the brown cookie bag baked yesteryear and preserved and never before sold in your local deli / that remained (excuse me Mr Gershwin, I need another dime) standards of yesterday and now / good times, bad times to you all and have you seen your mother baby, balling in the alley

Haha OK Andrew, whatever you say!

Anyway, what’s this like to listen to? Fascinating! Knowing all the studio albums as I do, most of this isn’t much of a surprise to me, but the extra stuff made it worth it. I’ve played this set so many times, over the years, and I can confirm that it plays really well as a compilation. Hot Rocks was top to bottom radio hits, whereas this one has a few that fans of only the hits might not ever have heard. Which is a shame, because these are great tunes too! I really, really like it! This time through, I still loved No Expectations and Let It Bleed (duh), but Money and I Can’t Be Satisfied stood out. Next time, it’ll surely be others.

In my mind, Hot Rocks and More Hot Rocks are both essential – one for the big hits, and the other for the ones you also need to know equally well!

Check it out:

Tell Me
Not Fade Away
The Last Time
It’s All Over Now
Good Times, Bad Times
I’m Free
Out Of Time
Lady Jane
Sittin’ On A Fence
Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow?
We Love You

She’s A Rainbow
2000 Light Years From Home
Child Of The Moon
No Expectations
Let It Bleed

and here’s where CD2 gets even more interesting with rarer stuff!

What to Do (First released in 1966 on the British edition of Aftermath)

Money (Berry Gordy Jr/Janie Bradford) – (First released in 1964 on the UK EP The Rolling Stones)

Come On (Chuck Berry) – (The Rolling Stones’ 1963 debut single in the UK, this was its first release in the US)

Fortune Teller (Naomi Neville) – (Recorded in 1963 and released in the UK in 1964 on the various artists LP Saturday Club)

Poison Ivy (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller) – (Recorded in 1963 and released in the UK in 1964 on the various artist LP Saturday Club)

Bye Bye Johnnie (Chuck Berry) – (First released in 1964 on the EP The Rolling Stones as Bye Bye Johnny)

I Can’t Be Satisfied (McKinley Morganfield) – (Originally released on the UK album The Rolling Stones No. 2 in 1965)

Long, Long While (Originally released as the UK B-side to Paint It Black in 1966)

6 thoughts on “Rolling Stones – More Hot Rocks

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha and here’s me well over a month since my last coffee. Crazy!

      This is a super-sweet comp, Deke, if you’re ever in the market for some great ol’ Stones. And really, when are we ever not, right? Right! 🙂


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