Hit It Or Quit It!

Time to go for a rip through more LPs from the giant box from brother Craig! I’ll be getting lots of time in the Man Cave, in the next while, so I’m gonna drop that needle…

Captain Beyond – Captain Beyond

I played this and it sounded really familiar… because I had already played it, and reviewed it August 9, 2015! Here’s what I said then:

Crazy good rock record. How could it not be? You’ve got Rod Evans (Deep Purple) on vocals, Larry “Rhino” Reinhardt (Iron Butterfly) on guitars, Lee Dorman (Iron Butterfly) on bass, piano and organ, and Bobby Caldwell (Armageddon, Johnny Winter) on drums. Ah yes. Lots of moments where I heard Hendrix, or Santana, or others, but they always sounded themselves, too. My copy (another score from the boxes from Craig) has big marks across Side 1, but it played through fine on the Rega. The cover is also definitely showing wear since its manufacture in 1972. Hard to know whether to keep this copy or not – it ain’t pretty but it plays fine.

Honestly, after this year’s listen, I have nothing to add.

Hit or Quit? Hit! Damn straight.


Captain Beyond – Sufficiently Breathless

Great title, ‘cos that’s what this record left me… (insert title here). They swapped out Bobby Caldwell for Marty Rodriguez on drums, but that’s it. This record sounds superb, same as the first one.

Experimental, jazzy rock is the order of the day, and I’ll take a double helping, please!

Hit or Quit? Hit it, baby! Woohoo!


Canned Heat – Boogie With Canned Heat

Straight up blues rock, and a total classic.

Yes, this one has On The Road Again, but I actually preferred a lot of the other tracks here to that one. Right up my alley!

Hit or Quit? Hit hit hit hit hit!


Ray Charles Singers – Quiet Moments For Young Lovers

Wowzers, this is Lawrence Welk territory. It’s lovely, but not really my thing.

Flashback to your grandparent’s place 30 years ago… yeah.

Hit or Quit? Quit. It wouldn’t really be something I’d play again.



Stay tuned for more Hit It Or Quit It, I’m hoping to make great strides into the stacks in the next while! Thanks for Reading!

16 thoughts on “Hit It Or Quit It!

    1. keepsmealive says:

      As I discovered! They’re really really good. Looks like I only need Dawn Explosion and I’ll have all of their studio albums. I wonder if the live LP (Far Beyond A Distant Sun) is more of a jam session… they’d easily be capable of it!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. mikeladano says:

            One original member, which was Rod Evans. I wrote about it briefly on my DP Perfect STrangers review. Rod put together his own Deep Purple without any other members. The real Deep Purple’s lawyers then took out full page ads in every city the fake DP was playing: “The band you will be seeing on stage will not include the following members: Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Jon Lord, Ian Paice, Roger Glover, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes.”


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks, Deke! I like it too 🙂 because it makes me actually go through the records from brother Craig, instead of just saying I’m gonna do it… someday… haha. And it’ll go on for quite a while, because once I get through all the LPs from Craig, I’ve still got a TON of LPs that I found at work that I still haven’t played! Man, between LP, CD and CS, I could probably do a record a day for the next 5 years!


        1. keepsmealive says:

          Oh I intend to, Deke! Of course, that time estimate assumes I won’t buy any more records for the next five years and, well, we all know how that will go… especially given my recent 56 LP haul! Haha dude, it ain’t gonna happen. I think ever getting to the end of the collection is a pipe dream…


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