Buck 65 – A Walk In The Woods

The Taranna Was Hot Series: Part 8/25

I like Buck 65, whenever I hear his music. I read his book. But this, in 2016, is the first disc of his that I own. I know. Weird (and Wicked?)

Found it at Sonic Boom for $0.99. Deal!

This disc contains excerpts from his album Talkin’ Honky Blues. We get the excellent Wicked And Weird, which I assume we all know – to me, this is one of his most popular tracks… am I wrong? Anyway. We also get Riverbed Part 1, a laid-back rap track with a bit of lovely country lap steel. Yes.

Then it’s the track Sore, which timpanis its way into a funky, reggae-feel beat. This is my favourite track here, I love this groove. And finally it’s 463, which may have bored me, until the acoustic guitar started and laid down a bed for the riffing electric guitar. The whole instrumental section at the end is awesome.

There is a movie portion on the disc, “multimedia,” as they dubbed it, called Buck 65 Talkin’ Honky Blues. When I tried it with VLC, it attempted to play the video as an audio track. Ummm… My Mac had to convert it before playing (good ol’ Quicktime!). Once it finished converting, we get a 6:23 video that’s a bit of a bio of Buck, a look at his approach and his music, and it’s cool. Buck’s weird, funny, and wonderful.

Interestingly, if you look this disc up on Canuck Amazon, you get a link with no info and, well, a semi-NSFW picture. Seriously, Amazon, WTF.

In Sum:

Well worth my $0.99. I need to collect more Buck 65.

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