The Sadies In Concert Volume One

The Taranna Was Hot Series: Part 15/25


In looking up this record, I noticed that there’s no easy place on the internet to get accurate and complete track listings, album sources, and guest players on these tracks. So, as a public service, I have done my best to include as much information as I can, here (below, after my blathering).

Alright, brace yourselves!

First off, let me just say I love the Sadies. So much great music, and so uniquely themselves in sound and attack. I just love it. So, this one was a no-brainer. It was sitting right at the front of a row of discs on the shelves at BMV, a mere $7.99 for 2CDs. As you read on, you’ll see just how awesome it all is, and how criminally under-priced this package was!

Recorded live at Lee’s Palace in Toronto, February 3 & 4th, 2006, this set contains amazing songs and a long list of guest artists, enough to make you drool…

Check it outBob Egan, Bruce Good, Brian Good, Larry Good, Margaret Good, Garth Hudson, Kelly Hogan, Heavy Trash: Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray, Andre Ethier, Jon Langford (Mekons), Neko Case, Paul Rigby, Gary Louris (Jayhawks), Mike Bulington, Rick White, Greg Keelor, Jim Cuddy, Bob Packwood, Bazil Donovan, Maud Hudson, and Gavin Brown…

And they’re playing songs off the Sadies’ own records, and well as albums by Neko Case, Heavy Trash, Flat Duo Jets, Canadian Squires, The Band, The Jayhawks, Pink Floyd, The Unintended, Blue Rodeo, Roger Miller, and The Mekons…

And several tracks here are previously unreleased!

Strap yourself in, folks, as I wade my way through all the brilliance…

CD1 (21 tracks)

This disc concerns itself with Sadies tracks from their own albums. I don’t own them all, so can’t really tell you how they compare to the studio tracks, but the live versions kick ass.

Cheat’s a great western instrumental at a quick clip. Why Be Curious? is pure Sadies doing mid-tempo Blue Rodeo, yet still sounding inimitably like themselves! In fact, going forward, any time I mention sounding like another band, they do sound like that, but also themselves. Cool? Cool.

1000 Cities Falling Apart Pt.1 is classic old school country with those great low vocals and that western movie soundtrack sound. Rat Creek is instrumental country surf, Song Of The Chief Musician Pt.2 rocks 50s-style with that sweet twang. Love the crash ending.

16 Mile Creek blasts by at 1000mph, whoa! Taller Than The Pines is pure Buddy Holly country. Loved it. Lay Down Your Arms is another instrumental, like a country Misirlou. Higher Power takes off on a spiritual party track complete with banjo, Uncle Larry’s Breakdown keeps that banjo pickin’ like crazy and is pure hoe down dancin’ music. Eastern Winds has that high lonesome sound.

Stay A Little Longer quick-steps through another great hoe down dancer, double-time. Loved the lap steel solo. Northumberland West rocks out with that inimitable and incredible guitar work for which the Sadies are well-known. Actually, the guitars are all over this record, so good! Wow.

Lonely Guy’s sweet 50s sock hop slow dance sway is just gorgeous. The fuzzy guitar solo gives it great edge, and the vocals pick up on it. Brilliance! Snow Squad rocks out another instrumental with that great twang, then switches gears mid-track to become a bright and surf sound before combining the two feels by the end. Leave Me Alone has great full-on vocals growling a warning to steer clear while the band jams away with equal menace and joy behind him. What a track! Ridge Runner Reel eases us back gently… then kicks it up double-time! Then faster! And faster! And faster! What brilliant guitar playing, my goodness. Sit down, son, the grown-ups are showing us how it’s down.

1,000,002 Songs is a superb rocker about marital dischord, wonderful duet vocals. Dying Is Easy brings back that western swing with duet vocals that match the guitar line. An instrumental evocative of western movies and wide-open desert landscapes, Tiger Tiger kicks itself up into a stomper that’s built for dancing and partying. What a way to end CD1!

CD2 (20 tracks)

This disc features a metric ton of guests. So, rather than type out their names every time, feel free to check out the list of players after this disc’s summary. I mean, it’s crazy all the players who are here on CD2 (as if CD1 wasn’t awesome enough). Anyway, I’ll try to keep it briefer than listing all the time…

Back Off has soul shout crowd raising over a George Thorogood-style riff while the band gets introduced. Then he sings over that riff as it morphs into an early Stones-sounding tune. Justine Alright punks out ramones-style via Chuck Berry… I know! So cool. Talking Down keeps that early Stones bluesy 60s vibe.

American Pageant rocks up a bit while keeping the blues fuzzin’. Strange Birds brings back that gorgeous Blue Rodeo country sound. Home is a sweet country swing. Hold On, Hold On haunts us over a cool rocking surf country tune. Damn.

Evangeline is a glorious slow, shambling dancer. Tailspin Neil Young’s us with its own brand of rock. Oh my goodness this set is just owning it! Wow! A Good Flying Day country picks us through its shuffle. Lucifer Sam sounds like spy movie music, with some rock thrown into it via the Cramps, or something. Yeah!

Another Day is a cool tune but doesn’t quite fit this mix somehow. It’s an interesting wall of sound, though! All Passed Away brings things back a bit with its easy going rockin’ blues. The Story’s Often Told is a great country sweeper with those deep vocals. I love their tracks like this! You’re Everywhere picks up the pace a lot and country jams its way along with aplomb. This is just a great tune, of course. Within A Stone is another Blue Rodeo-styled tune, a slow dancer about life being tough. Gorgeous! Food, Water, Etc. has a cool blues stomp and shows off a lot of greatness. What a huge sing-along fun tune!

And then it’s the encore:

Jason Fleming is another swingin’ surf -like tune. Jason sounds like he needs to slow down haha! Her Love Made Me has that Jon Spencer Blues Explosion sound with country in the mix too. Memphis, Egypt (Eagle Bauer’s Rock & Roll) ends the night with big bashing rock-out guitar picking and a huge sound. The crowd cheering wildly at the end of this is absolutely justified!

In Sum:

No word of a lie (and I bought a lot of greatness in Taranna last trip), but this is easily THE SCORE of my Taranna foray. Honestly, mind = blown! I could go on endlessly about all of the greatness here, but in the interests of saving you having to read a zillion pages of my raving, I can sum it up like this:

Incredible playing.
Incredible songs.
Super-cool guest artists.
What a great live set.


And now, here’s my bit as public service for the internets:

Album Source And Guest Information

CD1 (21 tracks)

Why Be So Curious (Pt. III)*
1,000 Cities Falling (Pt. I)* [f. 1]
Rat Creek^
Song Of The Chief Musician (Pt. I)*
16 Mile Creek^
Taller Than The Pines**
Lay Down Your Arms%
Higher Power^ [f. 2,3,4,5]
Uncle Larry’s Breakdown** [f. 2,3,4]
Eastern Winds^ [f. the Good Family]
Stay A Little Longer (Duncan/Wills) [f. 1,2,3,4]
Northumberland West*
Lonely Guy@ [f. 6]
Snow Squad~ [f. 6]
Leave Me Alone& [f. 6]
Ridge Runner Reel! [f. 6]
1,000,002 Songs! [f. 6, 7]
Dying Is Easy~ [f. 5, 6, 7]
Tiger Tiger% [f. 2,5,7]

CD2 (20 tracks)

Back Off** [f. 8]
Justine Alright# [f. 8]
Talking Down^ [f. 8, 9]
American Pageant` [f. 10]
Strange Birds` [f. 1, 10]
Home- [f. 1,7,11]
Hold On, Hold On## [f. 7,11]
Evangeline!! [f. 6,11,12]
Tailspin@@ [f. 1,4,7,11,13]
Good Flying Day* [f. 13]
Lucifer Sam$$ [f. 13, 14]
Another Day%%** [f. 15,16]
All Passed Away%%** [f. 15,16]
The Story’s Often Told% [f. 1,16,17,18,19]
You’re Everywhere^^ [f. 1,16,17,18,19]
Within A Stone% [f. 1,5,16,17,18,19]
Food, Water, Etc.** [f. 1-20]
Jason Fleming&& [f. 6, 11]
Her Love Made Me** [f. 8]
Memphis, Egypt++ [f. 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 19, 21]

Guest Stars [f.]

1 Bob Egan
2 Bruce Good
3 Brian Good
4 Larry Good
5 Margaret Good
6 Garth Hudson
7 Kelly Hogan
8 Heavy Trash: Jon Spencer and Matt Verta-Ray
9 Andre Ethier
10 Jon Langford (Mekons)
11 Neko Case
12 Paul Rigby
13 Gary Louris (Jayhawks)
14 Mike Bulington
15 Rick White
16 Greg Keelor
17 Jim Cuddy
18 Bob Packwood
19 Bazil Donovan
20 Maud Hudson
21 Gavin Brown

Album Sources

~ Precious Moments
* Favourite Colours
^ Pure Diamond Gold
% Stories Often Told
! Tremendous Efforts
` Mayors Of The Moon
– My Uncle Used To Love Me But She Died
@ Flat Duo Jets – Lucky Eye
& Canadian Squires 7”
** previously unreleased
# Heavy Trash – Heavy Trash
## Neko Case – Fox Confessor Brings The Flood
!! Band – The Last Waltz
@@ Jayhawks – Rainy Day Music
$$ Pink Floyd – Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
%% The Unintended
^^ Blue Rodeo – Casino
&& Roger Miller – Decca 45rpm
++ Mekons – The Mekons Rock ’n’ Roll LP

13 thoughts on “The Sadies In Concert Volume One

  1. J. says:

    (Third time lucky with posting a comment!) I love these guys a whole lot. Great set and indeed quite the score. Great art, band, songs … A big bowl of hot mega mega and awesomesauce!

    I actually saw The Sadies in 2005 and they were great. Everything I expected (and more) – tore it up with sweeping Morricone-esque guitar lines and kicking dust all over the place like a family of Tazmanian Devils in Nudie suits.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Are you having an issue commenting here, J.? Is it something on this end I can try to fix? Or is it your new site? I hope it’s not an ongoing thing!

      You’re so lucky to have seen these guys in concert – that must’ve been brilliant!

      Have you got this set? I think I saw it in the bins in Kerching, if you haven’t!

      Also: “tore it up with sweeping Morricone-esque guitar lines and kicking dust all over the place like a family of Tazmanian Devils in Nudie suits” is goddamn poetry, man! Well done!


      1. J. says:

        It was my internet connection, I think. Got a message saying my comment couldn’t be published. Try again didn’t do anything. But hey, third time lucky!!

        They’re a special band … such a great sound. Live they just kicked expectations around like it was sawdust. Seriously good. If you ever get the chance take it. I believe the ticket was about a tenner, which was ridiculously cheap.

        … and despite my worshiping at the alter of the Goods, I don’t have this. Shocking. I’ll have a look in the bins in Kerching next time I’m through …


  2. mikeladano says:

    Took pretty much my whole morning to read this! Bob Egan has just left Blue Rodeo…played his last gig with them last week. I hope they recorded the gig.

    Neat idea for a live album, a disc of the key tracks and a disc of guests! Cool stuff.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      It took me a good long while to listen to it all, too! And then to organize all the notes at the end, and then for you to read it… It’s a labour of love all around!

      That’s sad news about Egan – unless it was amicable and he’s off to do other things. He’s all over this album (about ¼ of the tracks) and it’s all awesome.

      This whole set is just gorgeous. Fully recommended indeed!


  3. deKE says:

    Mega ! Steal of a deal at $7.99 Hombre! I have heard the name but the sound I’m not familiar with! Love your excitement over the score of this cd! Its still a cool buzz when u score something big!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yeah Deke! This is a beaut! The Sadies rule, and this package is full to the brim with greatness! Mega mega score, indeed!

      Actually, you may also know them from their work on the Gord Downie, Sadies and the Conquering Sun album.


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