Jim Cuddy – Skyscraper Soul

The Taranna Was Hot Series: Part 17/25

Snagged this 2011 release at Sonic Boom ($2.99). Like my review of All In Time, this one sounds like Blue Rodeo, and that’s a beautiful thing. Cuddy’s voice has a real ache to it, and it soars unlike any other. One Amazon reviewer nailed it: “Jim’s singing is only paralleled by his instrumental abilities, which are only outdone by his song writing.” Truly wonderful stuff.

Band/Guests Include: Bazil Donovan, Colin Cripps, Melissa McLelland, Devin Cuddy, and the CBC’s Anne Lindsay.

6 thoughts on “Jim Cuddy – Skyscraper Soul

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks Geoff! I sure do like me some Blue Rodeo-and-related listening.

      As for this challenge, I really like it. I’ve tried brevity before and it’s always refreshing. I do think 200 words is too many though. I like the 80! 🙂


  1. mikeladano says:

    Is this part of the challenge? You should mention that part so I know what to link to tonight!

    I saw him on this tour and he was amazing. Only half full though. Which makes sense as he was playing a venue that normally the full Blue Rodeo band can fill.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yessir, everything I post this week is part of the challenge. And just for you (your other surprise), I’ve got two posts per day all week! Who loves you? The KMA does!

      Interesting that he only half-filled the place. Guess he’s like that moment in Tenacious D at the party where the dude only sings his parts of the song. He needs the other dude to make it complete! 🙂

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