Willie Nelson – Countryman

The Taranna Was Hot Series: Part 20/25 (Sonic Boom $2.99)

Willie’s first ever reggae album, ten years in the making, folds country into its island beats with ease. Toots Hibbert joins on Johnny and June’s I’m A Worried Man, and Ray Price’s I’ve Just Destroyed The World has panache. Jimmy Cliff’s Harder They Come reverses the country to reggae approach beautifully. Willie’s own tunes fit perfectly, too.

Overall, this is a fantastic record, sunny and warm, full of good feeling and an experimental spirit that doesn’t feel forced at all.


11 thoughts on “Willie Nelson – Countryman

    1. keepsmealive says:

      It’s true, there were 25 items from the trip. Inexplicably, I stopped adding the /25 to the titles, at some point. I’ll go back and fix that later today! Thanks for pointing it out!

      And yup, I think I got some really great finds, and all inexpensively!

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        1. keepsmealive says:

          It’s true! And it’s pretty much how I roll, these days. Unless it’s a new release, or an item that’s hard to find (like that ISIS EP I found on this trip), I typically only ever buy things for $1.50-$2.99. I’m not cheap, I just like to make my dollars stretch and buy in bulk!


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