54-40 – Smilin’ Buddha Cabaret (replacement)

The Taranna Was Hot Series: Part 23/25 (3-for-$10 bin, BMV)

I’ve already written about this record a couple of years ago, but my copy got hacked up (long story) so I was happy to find another one to replace it. This record is a total classic, full of 54-40’s inimitable, trademark rock pop genius. I still get one hell of a lift out of Ocean Pearl. Blame Your Parents, Radio Luv Song, Assoholic… and all the other songs that should have been hits. It’s crazy good. You need this album!

12 thoughts on “54-40 – Smilin’ Buddha Cabaret (replacement)

  1. stephen1001 says:

    The alternative radio station in Kingston is 98.9 the Drive – when they first started, they pronounced the phone number 54-40-989, I’m sure to namecheck these fine lads!
    A fine album, maybe my favourite 54-40 disc


  2. deKE says:

    This album is a real good! So good finally seeing them live this past July! Great story as when we went to the all day Fort Fest that 54 40 was playing one of the guys that was with us who tailgated in the parking lot for us a ton of food and beverage all day ( he would not take any cash for supplying the food and booze) told me that 54 40 brought him right back to his University days!
    Light bulb went off in my foggy haze and I headed to the Merch tent and picked him up 54 40s latest an unpluggish type album and gave it to him as a thank u for keeping me and Sue feed all day…..
    Least I could do….
    Great guy that Uncle Randy is….


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Yup, it’s a classic! I loved Dear Dear too, I always think of those two records together.

      Uncle Randy sounds amazing. And that CD is called La Difference, a great gift. I have it, it’s excellent!

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          1. deKE says:

            Exactly….I ate and drank way more $20 and that included Sue’s food and drink as well! Basically a all u can eat and drink for two special for $20 or $10 a piece! Plus we were there at the concert for 10 hours!


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