Elliott Smith – Figure 8

The Taranna Was Hot Series: Part 24/25 (3-for-$10 bin, BMV)

I don’t know from Elliott Smith, but his legend post-mortem carries weight. All deference to Elliott proponents, but what I heard here was fairly straight-forward pop rock songs, beautifully done but nothing all that memorable.

The songs are sweet, almost precious, but is he feeling what he’s singing or just writing for effect? I assume fans would say the former, yet one wonders. Apparently other efforts were less produced, more intimate, and this is his most commercial effort. Fair play.

20 thoughts on “Elliott Smith – Figure 8

  1. J. says:

    Mnah. Never much liked this one … just didn’t have the same pull or weight as his earlier albums. First four are worth checking out, but Either/Or and XO are fairly exceptional albums. I haven’t listened to them in a long time, but definitely the quintessential Elliot Smith albums.


  2. stephen1001 says:

    His album Either/Or (1997) is wonderful – there’s one song in particular (Rose Parade) that might be in my top 25. Very simple structure, but it really resonates, “They say it’s a sight that’s quite worth seeing, it’s just that everyone’s interest is larger than mine” is the line I find especially relatable!


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