Trews – Acoustic: Friends And Total Strangers Deluxe Reissue

I own this album twice, now. Recorded live at the Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto in 2009, I bought that year’s 15-track release. It rules. The Trews’ songs translate so damn well acoustic. You know them, you love them!

In 2015, it was re-released with four bonus tracks: Every Inambition, Makin’ Sunshine, No Time For Later, and Not Ready To Go. Now it’s a more complete show! So damn good. I completely recommend that you buy this album! Go! Go now!

36 thoughts on “Trews – Acoustic: Friends And Total Strangers Deluxe Reissue

  1. stephen1001 says:

    They did an acoustic show in Kingston a couple years ago (in the same market square they showed the screen of the hip concert this year). You’re right on – their tunes translate exceptionally well to acoustics, Langlois & Sinclair even showed up to join them in a cover of 38 years old, the singer’s voice was perfect for it!

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    1. boppinsblog says:

      That show would have been AWESOME.

      P.S. I just punched up Gord Sinclair on Google and it shows Gord Sinclair (Tragically Hip 1984-2016)

      WTF. They never, ever said they were done.


  2. boppinsblog says:

    I think they did shows those years that were half acoustic and half plugged in. Or were some acoustic and some plugged in. Every time I saw them they were amazing.


      1. boppinsblog says:

        You have to see them. They are like 54-40 and The Hip. Very Canadian. They play a ton of shows and are really good live.
        I have all of their albums, but they probably aren’t worth much as there are a bunch of scribbles in Sharpie on them.


            1. keepsmealive says:

              On paper, my town is a great place for bands, it’s true (Trew?). But then reality comes crashing in in the form of drunken yobs and dumbnuts starved for any real entertainment in our town, and inevitably the whole thing becomes somewhere you really don’t want to be. 😦


              1. boppinsblog says:

                Have it at a bar, and have the security tight. No over consumption or stupidity or you’re out.
                I used to be a stupid punk at shows in my youth(and got the boot a few times), but I often go sober now. I enjoy the show more, and remember the whole thing.


  3. deKE says:

    Whoop Whoop..I bought this cd when they played here….still haven’t cracked it out of the plastic yet! hahaha…gotta get to it pronto now!
    thanks for the motivation…..


          1. deKE says:

            Me too…After they blew me away with their show I stumbled down to there merch tent and asked the merch girl in my half cut (buzz) voice… went sumthin like this….
            Buzzed Deke: “Do Ya got the Trews album with Paranoid Freak on it!
            Merch Girl: “Thats the only album of theres we don’t got”
            Buzzed Deke: “Haha…Whut? …Crap”
            Merch Girl:”Here’s there latest one acoustic with added tracks!”
            Buzzed Deke: “Ummmm ok…Whut no Paranoid Freak here either?”
            March Girl: “Really??”
            Buzzed Deke: “I’ll Take it!”

            Than I moised back to the Beer Garden


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