Dillinger Escape Plan & Nora – Split EP

Quick split EP, Nora gets two tracks: The Power Of is pure screaming metal punk fun, still melodic. Murder One chugs until it explodes. When it’s in full flight, it’s a great driving aggression track.

Sandwiched between those two, DEP’s 4th Grade Dropout is typical DEP – rapid-fire, complicated time signatures and sounds, wonky absolute power and energy.

These two bands compliment each other, in these tracks they’re very much alike. At under ten minutes, this will still exhaust you!

4 thoughts on “Dillinger Escape Plan & Nora – Split EP

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Irony Is A Dead Scene, that’s a great one! I did it up in a Sunday Service ages ago. Here’s the text!

      “Mike recommended this one to me, during our foray to Taranna. I had no problem getting it. I’ve seen DEP live, so I sort of guessed what to expect: crazy, heavy, mindfuck. Add Mike Patton to the mix and, well, here ya go! Mixing DEP sound with FNM, smooth bits mixed with all the jagged and screamo… These four tracks are insane. The track When Good Dogs Do Bad Things has parts that sound like he’s doing that BRBRBRBRBRB thing kids to with their lips and their forefingers. You know that sound…

      Haha wow, if you like your hand held by your music, this EP is not for you! I LOVED IT!”


  1. stephen1001 says:

    I do like a good complicated time signature – I’m sure we’ll agree Pavement’s ‘5/4 Unity’ tip of the hat to Dave Brubeck is a superb complex time signature tune!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I had no idea that that Pavement was a nod to Brubeck. I was just listening to him the other day! Look at me, learning new things on a Friday!

      And in other not at all like Pavement or Brubeck news, the DEP track here is crazy. Loved it!


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