Trews – House Of Ill Fame

Who loves you enough to run two series simultaneously? The KMA does! So, while I also go through my treasures in the Beam Me Up Scotty’s Series (posting in the mornings), I am also beginning a run-through of what I have here of the Trews’ amazing discography, in chronological order (posting in the afternoons). Because the Trews rule. And now, as you’ll see, is a good time to give ’em a series treatment…

I am missing some of the early EPs, and maybe some live stuff, but I have all the main albums and most of the other stuff, so it’ll be good fun, eh? Yah!

Truth to tell, I could probably just list all the album titles and use one word: AMAZING to describe them all. But one word is even less than 80, and I’ve already been monkeying with the word count in these pages, so I thought better against it for this series.

Alright, here we go. Brace yourself for some seriously awesome rockin’ with the lads from Antigonish…

The Trews Story Series, Part 1: House Of Ill Fame (2003)

Produced by Gordie Johnson, this is a must-have record. Right off the bat, Every Inambition^ kicks our asses. I just love this song. It riff-rocks hard and is a perfect specimen of the Trews’ sound. Welcome, indeed! Not Ready To Go^ is another huge track, the kind of uplifting concert fist-pumper that will have the crowd singing along with every word. Confessions is a sweet, twisty riff built over tight drums… until the chorus bit, where it goes all sloppy and rockin’! Woo!

When You Leave is another big tune for them, a quick-steppin’ jangle-rocker that is actually one of my favourite of their tunes. Barroom mayhem with great chord changes and a real heart. Hot damn. Tired Of Waiting^ has Gordie Johnson all over it, that swagger beat with the bluesy guitars, and it ain’t a bad thing at all. Love it. Next up it’s Hopeless, which brings out the acoustic guitars and lays down a sweet beat. It’s laid back, and even has bongo-sounding drums. I like the big booming bass drum every four beats. There’s flute over the strings, too! What a track.

Fleeting Trust^ rocks things back up, building and building into the great crashing chorus. Fantastic guitar solo here, oh man. Oh man! Why Bother, propelled by the tom drums and guitar stabs over a rolling bassline becomes a full-tilt rock boogie in no time (and back again). Love it! Black Halo is full-on from the get-go, a solid Trews rocker in the best of their style. I like the Sabbath-y guitar bit there, so cool.

You’re So Sober brings back the acoustic guitars, gently walking along without plodding one bit. It’s a beautiful track, well-placed on the album. Hollis And Morris funks us up, guitar riff then vocals, then the rest of the band. It’s Trews doing Chilis-style funk mayhem and I love it. Bet you can’t listen to this without moving to it! And finally, Strays follows Holis And Morris perfectly, that same funky guitar line rapid-fire leading into the big crash chorus. Can you think of a better way to end this record than more straight up Trews rock? Me neither!

In Sum:

Fuck yes. Get this. Now.


^ This track was a single.

15 thoughts on “Trews – House Of Ill Fame

  1. mikeladano says:

    Love this band, everything I have heard. This series has been a great one to read. Great idea A-ron and great idea breaking the 80 words on these deserving albums.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      The Trews are trewly awesome, indeed! I’m looking forward to the series, ‘cos I get to jam their tunes again! And yup, it felt like they oughta have more than 80 words… heck, I’m going track by track through their whole damn catalogue!


          1. boppinsblog says:

            All of them.


            Now I just need to get their new one signed. Another excluse to see them live again.

            By the way. Tickets went on sale for their fall Canadian tour yesterday. So good timing on the series.


            1. keepsmealive says:

              That’s awesome! As if you need an excuse to see them live!

              Yup, the new one and the tour was the impetus for getting this series going now. It’s Trews all over!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      You betcha, it’s a band deserving of a full series. And yup, acoustic or electric = right on!

      Haha I thought long and hard about that series title. Trew story!

      Same thing with the Beam Me Up Scotty’s title. Because the store is called Scotty’s. This is what happens when bloggers think they’re clever! 🙂


  2. deKE says:

    Became a FanBoy the past July when they definitely pushed the other acts that day to bring it live….Great Band….
    Look forward to this series man!
    Great stuff..


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