Trews – Den Of Thieves

The Trews Story Series, Part 2: Den Of Thieves (2005)

The sophomore effort that kicks so much ass!

Fire Up Ahead’s intro tells us to stand by. No way! Lift-off from the get-go! Pure rockin’ with another one of those stellar Trews riffs. Yes! Makin’ Sunshine is another favourite of mine. It builds and builds into a totally damn uplifting mid-tempo tune. It still rocks hard though. Crazy good.

Cry brings in the heavy-hitting bluesy Trews rawk. Have you noticed that every record of theirs plays like a Hits album? It’s true (Trew)! Superb Crowes-ish southern rawk. Sweetness leans on its guitars and they manage just fine, thank you very much. Another solid rocker that crashes to a close oh man!

I Can’t Say^ is such a beautiful song, a slower ballad that builds, of course, because this band is built to go. I swear Colin MacDonald’s vocals sound like Chris Cornell for most of this song, it’s so damn good. So She’s Leaving^ is one we all know well, surely. Big bluesy guitars, straight-on rawk built for radio and greatness. Hells yes.

Yearning^ reels things back in mid-tempo with another beautiful structure and just further proof that other bands have gotta envy these guys. Pure classic. The Pearl (More Than Everything) is sweet pop punk concert crowd lift, until the chorus riff, which grounds us back in the Trews sound. I like this track, but it’s definitely a bit of a departure for them. Good on ‘em!

Poor Ol’ Broken Hearted Me^ is another one we surely all know well, an iconic tune for the band for sure. Great vocals, hot rawk guitar and shuffle beat. And cowbell! Ana & Mia ventures awesomely into White Stripes territory, that stomping beat and the slinky bluesy guitars… oh my yes… Naked is a gorgeous slow tune, and again those Cornell-like vocals come back. It’s his own voice too, of course, it’s just the first thing that pops into mind.

Montebello Park is definitely a place I wanna go, that fun swingin’ summery opening section which then, of course, takes off into big guitar rock once again. There’s a Beatles-y quality to this one, as well as a 90s rock chord progression in parts… it’s a busy tune! Got Myself To Blame is built for givin’ ‘er, just straight-on rockin’ and no doubt. Go go go! Yes!

The Travelling Kind also has a Beatles-y quality. Cool! It’s a pop rocker that is held together by that rambling bass line that hearkens back to rock’s early days. Layer the Trews over top and it’s a super cool tune. And finally, Ishmael & Maggie ambles along gorgeously while it tells of a broken-hearted sailor. It even has a great crowd sing-along section. A perfect ending to this gigantic record.

In Sum:

Hells yes, this is a classic. Paired with House Of Ill Fame, it’s a one-two punch of early years amazingness. An absolute must own!

^ This song was a single.

15 thoughts on “Trews – Den Of Thieves

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Excellent. They’re all good, but if you want the full experience, start with House Of Ill Fame, then this one, then No Time For Later… my reviews are going in order, a recommended method for listening! Of course, just hitting play on any of them also works mighty damn fine!


  1. boppinsblog says:

    You may be saying “absolute must own” a lot during The Trews series.

    Just like the people out east, The Trews are a friendly bunch, and like most out east bands, the music is feel good fun.


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