Kiss Kill – Keychain Pistols

Fair play to ‘em, but it’s chainsaw time… bought cheap on spec, this Portland band’s CD didn’t float my boat. Warmed over mid-speed Green Day riffs front-load the album, then it devolves into art-school rock.

The band can play, especially the guitar solos, and Michelle Leigh can definitely sing, but the songs were, frankly, boring. I know, so go do better myself, right? Playing this in the car, my son said ‘Dad I don’t like this CD.’ I agree, son.

6 thoughts on “Kiss Kill – Keychain Pistols

    1. keepsmealive says:

      I dunno even if it was the fault of the song-writing… I just didn’t care, while I listened. Maybe it’ll grab me differently on a different day.

      You’re right about the kids’ opinion – it matters! My boy is 7, my girl is 5, and they will definitely tell me when they don’t like what I’m playing.

      On the plus side, I was playing Recurring Dream, the hits of Crowded House set in the car the other day and they really liked it.

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        1. keepsmealive says:

          You know, they really do. It’s fun listening to them deciding, from the back seat, what they like or don’t. I suppose it’s safe to say they happily head Into Temptation of the music, and when the tunes Fall At Their Feet they decide if they want to let the songs stay in the World Where They Live.

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