Trews – No Time For Later

The Trews Story Series, Part 3: No Time For Later (2007)

No Time For Later starts us off with a sweet pop rocker. Is it just my ears or do the harmony vocals near the chorus sound like Def Leppard? Dark Highway is a bluesy rocker straight from the barroom down the road. I could hear Sloan covering this one! Be Love keeps dishing the rock, this time a la the Hives in the intro, then up into the big hand-clapping payoff. I dig it.

I Feel The Rain brings us back a bit, a cool straight-to-radio mid-tempo track with acoustics and an organ in the background. Paranoid Freak^ rules. That fun intro with piano, then it shuffle dances into life and that song ‘gets stuck in your head,’ indeed! Sing along!

I Can’t Stop Laughing^’s intro is pure Clash I Fought The Law. The rest is solid pop rock as only these can do it – with bagpipes! Rousing tune! Man Of Two Minds^ is the obligatory slower tune, the acoustic intro building to full band crashing ballad. Sweet! Hold Me In Your Arms^ brings back the full on blues rawk attack. Damn these guys are incredible with riffs. This song is huge! Love it.

Gun Control is their response to the shootings at Virginia Tech. John-Angus MacDonald said “We were sitting around the apartment and watching all the coverage from CNN and Fox, it just seemed so blatantly obvious they were beating around the bush. The problem was how did this kid have a gun in the first place? It’s a personal and political view from us.” The tune starts off with cool blues guitar, then it blasts into a big rock song with an important message. Hell yes.

Will You Wash Away double-times through its acoustic-driven pop rock course with superb control. I love this tune, it should’ve been a single. End Of The Line slow walks towards its swingin’ pay-off. Get out your lighters and wave ‘em, this one’s a keeper! Burning Wheels is exactly that, holy shit they’re on fire at full speed here! Why wasn’t this one higher up in the album track listing? What a bluesy rock smoker! And finally, Ocean’s End brings us to a close with a great feel but no real rush to get us there. It rocks, it’s huge and epic. Songs like this oughta last forever.

In Sum:

I really dig this record. The singles are rock (natch) solid, and there are a few that should also have seen release as singles. There are fewer songs with the pure rock edge, here, but what’s here is at a new level of maturity that serves them damn well. From top to bottom, this is a great record with a strong vision. Yes!

^ This song was a single.

7 thoughts on “Trews – No Time For Later

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Thanks Deke! I like this record. Lots of great songs here, and some of it is different again from the first couple of records so they’re growing and becoming and it’s all awesome.


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