Trews – Hope & Ruin

The Trews Story Series, Part 6: Hope & Ruin (2011)

Buckle up, campers, we’re off on another Trews rawk expedition…

Misery Loves Company^ kicks us off with big riff rock straight from the 90s, but in their hands it’s pure single greatness. Get out your air guitar! I played this one twice before moving on… One By One goes acoustic and is incredibly melodic. The lyrics fly quick, and it’s a total ear worm. People Of The Deer is massive riffin’ rock glory, holy awesome! Love that guitar sound, what do they call that, a squawkbox or something? The bass rumbles us into Stay With Me, and the tracks builds into an epic concert sing-along. Restraint and release. Love it.

Then we roll into the title track, Hope & Ruin^, with vocals over those jangly guitars. It builds and builds and gains energy until the big chorus payoff. Pure Trews. If You Wanna Start Again begins with piano, and by the time comes in it’s a sweet ballad rock tune that holds you close and doesn’t let go, even when it hits its crescendo. The World I Know^ is a big rock tune I’ve heard on the radio (I’d swear it). It sounds like another tune I can’t name, but maybe that other tune sounds like this one. Betcha that’s the case! Rock on. Dreaming Man is a sweet shuffle swing for drifting through late night prairie highways. Great feel, solid tune!

I’ll Find Someone Who Will could be from any Trews record, a straight up Trews rocker that’s their bread and butter. Yes! Love Is The Real Thing keeps that rockin’ ball rolling with a cool descending chord pattern and all the right elements to have been a single in its own right! Haha did he crack open a beer at the start of Burned? The tune’s perfect for kickin’ back and chillin’ with friends. Perfect mid-tempo track. And finally, You Gotta Let Me In brings acoustics and harmony vocals, our jam for sitting around the campfire after our great afternoon in the sun.

In Sum:

The Trews nail it again. This one says ‘summer’ to me, great tunes perfect for listening in the backyard while bbq grills up supper and the kids run around. Lots of Hope, not one iota of Ruin!

^ This song was a single.

12 thoughts on “Trews – Hope & Ruin

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha what am I rolling, Deke? 😉 Yeah man, this is a great record, full of solid tunes. Just like all their other records, in that way. Solid band.

      You know what would make me happiest, taking the BBQ idea further? All the Community together in one place, with all the fams too, just chilling and hanging out, tunes on in the background, kids going crazy. Sounds AWESOME. Too bad it’s pretty much a geographic impossibility, cost-wise.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. deKE says:

        yah that would be cool….Ladano will fly in from CD Japan with an arsenal of new Kiss rarities and HMO will come from afar with Crusader in tow!
        Mr Books at the end of the night will tell us all a night night story!


            1. keepsmealive says:

              I read Goodnight Moon to our kids a zillion times, as one does when the wee ones are wee. But this one just cracked me the hell up. It’s almost as good as Go The Fuck To Sleep. I have that one too…


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