Trews – Thank You, And I’m Sorry

The Trews Story Series, Part 7: …Thank You, And I’m Sorry (2012)

This EP includes the presence of Rich Robinson (and his playing on three tracks here). Gordie Johnson also returns to help with production. I know! Wahoo!

The Power Of Positive Drinking^ is a big bluesy rock track (a la By Your Side) that would just kill it live. Also, I just love that song title haha. I should take notes from it – whenever I drink, I tend to write harsh Drunk Reviews instead!

Next up is a cover of Paul Kelly’s Leaps And Bounds has a pounding, driving beat while the guitars chug and the vocals soar over top. When it hits the chorus, I swear, we’re achieving lift-off!

Lord, Keep Me In Mind~ brings out the acoustics, tambourine, and bongos while it beautifully ambles along. That bluesy guitar is awesome, too (gotta be Rich?). When it breaks down to just his vocals and he’s repeating “Lately, I don’t even know myself!” the spiritual feel is right there and it feels like truer words were never spoken.

Oblivion~ kicks it up several notches and it’s an in-your-face rocker (which also contains this EP’s title in its lyrics). I love this driving beat, especially when it goes to just the drums and vocals with those chunky guitars. If they played this live, the place would go nuts.

Not Yours To Love~ starts off with super-flowery piano, then comes in a la Bad Luck Blues Eyes tempo with the best song the Crowes never wrote. What a great tune! That big bluesy solo is gorgeous. This track is another highlight of this EP full of them!

Herm-Aphrodite (She Was A Guy) is a fun, tambourine bangin’ rock tune with cool backing vocals and a real 50s feel to it. It’s a tune full of humour. “She had a count-ry voice…” haha nicely done. About halfway through, it cuts to half time and goes all slinky bluesy before picking up again. This would never get played on the radio, but it’s great fun. “God is in the details,” indeed!

…And We Are The Trews is a big guitar rocker that pleases from every angle. The harmony vocals are back, and it’s like a template Trews rock track. You know that sound. Perfect, really, considering the title of the tune… By the time they start name-checking all the great Canadian acts I am right in the pocket with them. Glory!

Check out that section:

…Here’s to you and here’s to me
and here’s to Tim Chaisson and Daniel Wesley
Here’s to Big Sugar and 54-40
Here’s to Trooper and the Hip and Geddy Lee

I Mother Earth, Our Lady Peace
Here’s to the Watchmen and the Headstones; Tea Party.
Here’s to BTO and Honeymoon Suite, 
Bare Naked Ladies and the Broken Social Scene

Here’s to Stompin’ Tom and gay ol’ K.D.,
Ronnie Hawkins and Red Rider, Jim Cuddy.
Here’s to Wide Mouth Mason and that wrecked Thornley
Sam Roberts Band, Matty Mays, Ryan’s Fancy.

Eric Lapointe et Rock Voisine; Jean Leloup; 
Les Respectables; n’est pas Celine

Here’s to Sloan and the Emergency
Ryan Hinds, April Wine and Great Big Sea
Doug from the Slugs and Jeff Healey, 
Frank is dead from Teenage Head RIP

From the Commodore to the old Marquee
And every guy, from every band who’s named Gordie

And we are the…

Yup, I definitely consider the Trews worthy of inclusion in the long list of great acts this country has produced!

In Sum:

A must-own. Yes yes yes! Totally fun, bluesy and rockin’ and smart as hell. Just like every Trews record!


^ This song was a single.
~ Featuring Rich Robinson!

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