Trews – The Trews

Sorry I missed posting a Trews record yesterday, folks. I’ll make up for it today with two! Here’s the first one… Ready? Of course you are…

The Trews Story Series, Part 8: The Trews (2014)

Rise In The Wake^ starts off epic, teasing with the lift-off and then there it is! Pure awesome Trews rock, fist-pumping and full of happy energy. I could totally hear Sloan covering this one. Imagine! Up next it’s Age Of Miracles, with those guitars in the intro pulling me into its sweet groove, where the bass holds you like a hug. Love the lyrics of this one, what an ode to existential angst. Permanent Love grows into a sweet mid-tempo pop rocker that just makes you feel damn good. That chorus lifts you, man! Yes!

The Sentimentalist keeps that pace going, beautifully jamming along, until the midpoint, where it picks up and bangs away in full rocker mode. Yes! What a track! 65 Roses brings things in with an acoustic east coast feel, matching the feeling of the song perfectly. When it reaches its apex, you’re so uplifted and feeling great, it’s crazy. I love songs like this. What’s Fair Is Fair^ is the big riff guitar track, and would be awesome in concert. Mixed down into the album here, I can’t help but the think the live version would have more teeth. Anyway, still a great track.

Where’s The Love builds into a rapid-beat rock tune that, to me, feels like an homage to the Hip. Listen to it, can’t you here the Hip? I can! And that’s a great thing, sure, but the Trews still make it their own – usually in the Hip’s music, the guitars act as counterpoint to the vocal line, whereas here they blast along together. Up next it’s In The Morning, slowing things way down and pulling us into its acoustic guitar gorgeousness. I could listen to this all day! Once again, I love the lyrics – very uplifting, full of hope. It also doesn’t hurt that Serena Ryder is here, adding her unique and beautiful vocals to this brilliant song. Why wasn’t this a single?????

New King^ is full-on, balls out rawk with a superb guitar line, crisp and biting. This one is built to shake the place. Fuckin’ crank it! Yeah!!! Living The Dream cranks things back, ambling along a bit… I can hear Sloan doing this one, too! It’s got that 70s rock semi-ballad feel to it that the Trews nail completely. And finally, it’s Under The Sun, with it’s thundering tom drums while the vocals float above them. The guitars step up and give it some edge, but it’s yet another totally great album closer track froma band that has been ruling since they started.

In Sum:

By now, as you’ve read this series, you have to know that I love the Trews, and it’s my considered opinion that they honestly have not released even a mediocre track, let alone a bad record. This eponymously-titled record is so huge, so full and beautiful that, at this point, we’re all lucky that these fine gentlemen (and their friends) continue to make records for us. Another perfect addition to their stellar discography. A must-own? Absolutely.

^ This song was a single.


6 thoughts on “Trews – The Trews

  1. mikeladano says:

    Don’t know what more I can add here since the Trews are so damn good, and so is this album. I love the swelling guitars in Rise in the Wake. These guys just rock! It’s simple and it’s delicious.

    Plus I love this album cover.


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