Gojira – Magma

If you can believe it, totally not communicating at all, Deke and I have planned reviews of this album to post one day apart! We totally should have done a dual review. Ah well. GO READ DEKE’S AWESOME TAKE RIGHT HERE!!!

The New Hotness Series, Part 5: Gojira – Magma

I’m a big Gojira fan, late to the game after seeing them live on the L’Enfant Sauvage tour and being blown away by their presence and their awesome metal. I’m on the hunt for all their stuff now! Found this CD while we were at the cottage a few weeks ago, which pleased me because nowhere in my town seemed to be stocking it…

The Shooting Star starts us off with a satisfying chug, complete with that ethereal Gojira-ness that’s so pleasing. Silvera^ ramps us up into the Gojira we’re more used to, that heavy crush and crunch, with wicked-slick drumming and those melodic assassin guitars, often times almost classical in approach! This one would slay crowds, live, especially with their light show! The Cell blasts us even faster, machine gun-style before dropping into an absolutely menacing riff built to crush your head.  And then back again! Yeahhhhh!!!

Stranded^ is the single, and it’s a punishing track, that guitar line and that huge anthemic riff, and again those drums and time signatures… Oh man, this one owns! Yes! Following on its heels is Yellow Stone, a slithering stomping instrumental interlude. I liked it! The title track, Magma, keeps the pace slower, but there’s those guitars again, writhing over top of the heavy bottom end. Then the chug roars in and away we go, a chant-like quality to it… like Ghost, honestly. It’s a good thing!

We intro into Pray, atmospheric while the guitars pound away machine-like, and the the drums haha whoa what an intro! This rules! There’s a spooky sound underneath, possibly a carry-over from the title track. Again with the chant-like bit, these two must be companion tracks. Come chorus time, however, it’s full on Gojira assault hahaha yes! Oh man, nobody crushes quite like these guys! And the outro rules! Only Pain brings back that guitar from Stranded, and the track growl stomps your brain into a fresh pulp. Fuck yes! It ends damned abruptly, though!

Low Lands does more of that inimitable Gojira menacing skittering through the intro, the vocals droning over top. Then it’s lift-off again, barely controlled chaos straining to get out and dominate everything. And finally, Liberation, which starts off with an almost guqin-like sound, before taking off into acoustic guitar noodling over bongo drums. Every once in a while there’s a bit of a rumble in the background, but it could just be mic noise I picked up through the good headphones – it never amounts to anything else. After the crush of the album, this feels like a track recorded for shits and giggles during studio downtime, and probably wasn’t a necessary inclusion. An odd way to end the album!

In Sum:

It’s simple – Gojira rules! I like this record tons. It’s very different from L’Enfant Sauvage,  all over the map as only they can do it, and still sounds like only they can sound. But it kicks all sorts of ass, and has a real feel to it. GOJIRA!


^ This song was a single.

26 thoughts on “Gojira – Magma

  1. Heavy Metal Overload says:

    Dunno how I missed this! I’m liking this one too… not quite as good as the previous few albums but still great stuff. Some fantastic tracks that I’m sure will be live staples. Feels a bit like Gojira’s Black Album to me… or maybe, more accurately, their Countdown to Exctinction!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      I hadn’t thought of it like their Black record. I just went along ‘cos it was more Gojira and that = goodness. Do you find their increasing popularity is changing the sound, making it more palatable? And if so, is it a bad thing? Discuss. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Heavy Metal Overload says:

        I don’t think they’re popularity is affecting them too much… this has definitely got songs with crossover appeal but it’s hardly mainstream. But I get a sense that they’re also running out of steam a little… that might just be down to the circumstances of the album’s creation with their Mum dying.


            1. keepsmealive says:

              Let’s discuss!

              Heavy for the sake of heavy is generally kinda boring. But if it’s done with taste and some sense of direction other than mindlessly crushing people’s skulls, then I’m all for it. Gojira crushes skulls AND keeps it interesting and melodic and heavy as hell. I think there’s an art to it, and they nail it.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Heavy Metal Overload says:

                Totally. There are good heavy bands and crap ones. Heavy is a useful description or comparison but that’s about all. It’s what’s done with it that counts. And a lot of the greatest “heavy” bands aren’t really that heavy at all.


                1. keepsmealive says:

                  “It’s what’s done with it that counts.”

                  THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

                  Anyway. You’re absolutely right. This is actually the reason I don’t listen to black/death metal more often. I mean, I do, but only when I get the urge for it, which isn’t as often as other types of music. A lot of that stuff just feels like screaming and growling because it’s expected. I usually enjoy the music, though. Maybe I need instrumental death metal. Does such a thing exist?

                  Liked by 1 person

  2. J. says:

    I had commented over at Deke’s place yesterday that I have this and have been really digging it. Really heavy, but quite melodic. A whole load of awesome!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      You do need this! I still need to get the earlier stuff. I’m gonna look in Taranna this weekend. Their first record is on my Grail List – it’s a wee bit harder to find.

      I do not know Kylesa but now I will go look them up…

      Haha Taco Bell, no that would have been barfing sounds…


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