Sunday Nights: The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough

The Beam Me Up Scotty’s Series, Part 18/25 (CD)

I love Fat Possum Records. I love Junior Kimbrough. I love the bands for being on this Kimbrough tribute disc. A whole lotta love.

There’s an energy to this project, which perfectly captures and celebrates the unique and powerful blues that Kimbrough made during his life. He wrote about tough times with an understanding and clarity that many pretenders can never manage.

All these bands get in there and do it up right. Junior would be proud. This kicks ass.


The Tracks and Players:

Stooges – You Better Run (Version 1)
Spiritualized – Sad Days Lonely Nights
Blues Explosion – Meet Me In The City
Heartless Bastards – Done Got Old
Black Keys – My Mind Is Ramblin’
Pete Yorn – I Feel Good Again
Entrance and Cat Power – Do The Romp
Fiery Furnaces – I’m Leaving
Mark Lanegan – All Night Long
Thee Shams – Release Me
Jim White – Done Got Old
Outrageus Cherry – Lord Have Mercy On Me
Whitey Kirst – Pull Your Clothes Off
Jack Oblivian – I’m In Love With You
Ponys – Burn In Hell
Stooges – You Better Run (Version 2)

10 thoughts on “Sunday Nights: The Songs Of Junior Kimbrough

  1. J. says:

    Man, I love this compilation a whole lot. A friend bought me this as a birthday gift right around the time it was released, as he knew I dug Lanegan and Jim White (for the record, for me, Dark Mark’s contribution is the highlight of what is an exceptional bunch). Safe to say it was one of my favourites. This is a benchmark for all ‘tribute’ albums. Terrific stuff.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      That is a mighty fine gift! Yup, this comp kicks all sorts of ass.

      I actually had you pegged as mentioning the Lanegan track when I posted this, so a winner is me! 😉


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