Gene Ammons – Boss Tenor

Hey folks, missed you this weekend! I was away in Taranna with my lovely wife, taking a day or so to be together in honour of our anniversary (13th). It was lovely. And now we’re back!

I should explain a bit about a bit of a turn in the Beam Me Up Scotty’s series, as that Wire – Pink Flag record was actually the last of 19 items I bought there. But there’s 25 parts, you said! Yes! I also got 6 items in a thrift shop in another town that day (thus 25), but The Beam Me Up Thrift Shop Series doesn’t have the same ring to it, so, since Scotty’s was my main destination that day, I will allow these last 6 items to fall under the same title to keep everything neat and tidy.

Cool? Cool. Let’s give ‘er!

The Beam Me Up Scotty’s Series, Part 20/25 (CD)

Holy hell, how have I lived without this album all this time? Flashback to 1960, and Ammons makes a record with a stellar rhythm section. Unlike other efforts, this time it’s only his tenor sax, no other horns.

Result? Perfection. It’s late night sweetness, smooth swingin’ jazz that holds you warm and close and refuses to let you go. That tone, that real heart to the music… classic sax jazz.

Through the good headphones, it’s glorious and true. Hot damn!

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