KMA1993 Nick Cave And Warren Ellis – The Proposition OMPS

Here’s another one I picked up elsewhere during my Scotty’s run trip…

The Beam Me Up Scotty’s Series, Part 23/25 (CD)

I am a simple man. I see Nick Cave and Warren Ellis? I purchase!

Never saw this movie, but it’s a western drama of 1880s Australia. The music is full of dust, and that feel of wide open spaces. It’s moody, with gentle vocals – absolutely beautiful.

If this wasn’t a soundtrack, it would still be the most unique thing you’ve heard in weeks. It sounds random, but isn’t. Atmospheric, complex, and inbued with the landscape it’s about. Stellar work.

12 thoughts on “KMA1993 Nick Cave And Warren Ellis – The Proposition OMPS

    1. keepsmealive says:

      Actually, you make a great point, I could’ve saved this one… but that other thing is a ways off yet, and I like to do my series in a row (preferrably daily)… so… yup, I’m OK with this one dropping now! 😉

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  1. J. says:

    You’ve never seen this? Aw man – you need to check your library! Trust me – it’s an incredible film and definitely one of my favourites ever (yes – ever!).


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Nope, I don’t get to see many movies! By the time the day is done and kids are in bed, I’m usually rocking tunes and sitting through a whole film is too much time investment. But our library does have it, in ye olde electronic format no less (the future is now!), so I’ll see what I can do… Great soundtrack, though.

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      1. J. says:

        Pretty much how we roll here, also. Usually a night a the weekend is nice for a movie, but most other nights the records are spinning…


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