Bill Wyman – Stone Alone

Well, with the ending of the massive 25-part Beam Me Up Scotty’s Series, there’s a hole in my schedule. I’m still doing the Lebrain Le-rocks Series every evening, as you know, but what about the mornings?

Simple: another new series! Because I’m on a roll! Now, as you may recall, my lovely wife and I recently spent a weekend in Toronto to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary. For those playing the home game, year 13 is the lace anniversary. Racy!

We walked many miles across the downtown core, and saw/did many things (including Nuit Blanche, the aquarium, the AGO…), during our time in the city.  We had tons of fun! It’s good to get out and do things in bigger centers, now and again. 

Being the amazing, loving and incredibly patient lady that she is, my lovely wife made sure I got a wee bit of time in Sonic Boom and She Said Boom during our adventures. This was not the full, methodical dig of all the records that I usually like to do, but any time is better than none, so I made the best of it! And, of course, I found treasures…

So, let’s have a look through all of that stuff, shall we? YES WE SHALL!

The Racy Lacy Anniversary Series, Part 1 (LP)

Sonic Boom yielded this LP for $3.99… 1976, right around the time of Black And Blue… well, this is island infused disco pop. There’s no other words for it. Soul Satisfyin’ is odd, while heavy breathing Peanut Butter Time has a beat Pharrell has probably stolen a zillion times.… um, Bill? WTF? Covering If You Wanna Be Happy? Dude. Feet is no better.

Fact: Wyman cannot sing. This grooves, but badly. Shame, this one. Bad solo effort. Stone Alone indeed.

6 thoughts on “Bill Wyman – Stone Alone

        1. keepsmealive says:

          Well I dunno if this is the reason or not. But it surely wouldn’t have helped! Anyway, this was 1976 and he left the Stones in 1993… I know they move at a glacial pace, sometimes, but 17 years? Haha


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