Bill Wyman – Monkey Grip

I need to rewind two years, as Stone Alone was 1976 and this one’s 1974. Wish I’d paid attention to release dates and done them in reverse order. Ah well. This one, also found at Sonic Boom for $3.99 is… something else…

The Racy Lacy Anniversary Series, Part 2 (LP)

Look at that hunk of man on the cover, ladies. Oh my.

This record’s better than Stone Alone because it’s damn weird. It’s still pop rock, but it’s just absurd. Friggin’ banjos on a hoe-down country tune called Pussy, OK? Haha WTF is this. I can’t tell I wanna say it’s utter crap or the most genius thing ever.

Bill still cannot sing, but it has hilarious lyrics, wild wtf music, and enough funk rock to call it what it should have been.


NB: This was done the same year as the Stones’ It’s Only Rock And Roll, so perhaps it was an outlet for all the weird stuff the Stones would never touch…

6 thoughts on “Bill Wyman – Monkey Grip

  1. J. says:

    Haha. You and the Bill Wyman albums, eh? I remember this one being a decent listen. Been a while since I heard it, right enough!


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Haha man, this one’s the weirdo younger brother of Stone Alone, and it’s less Gah than that one, too!

      As a Stones fan, I appreciate having these here, in the collection, but I dunno how much I’m gonna play them, but who knows!


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