Faith No More – The Real Thing

Alright, I didn’t do a Lebrain Le-Rocks post yesterday because it is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canuckland, and I was too busy stuffing myself with delicious spiral ham and scalloped potatoes to have a post ready for you. But we’re back today, so here we go with another brilliant gift from Mike. I should say that I did own this disc, but it got scratched and I was gutted. And now here’s another copy! YAY!

The Lebrain Le-Rocks Series, Part 4

From Out Of Nowhere synth-punks us into happy oblivion. Faith No More have a sound – it’s in the chord changes and the vocals, and this one has it all. Go go go! And then it perfect flows into the utterly perfect rap-rock/metal Epic, which we all know and love. Yes yes yes.

Falling To Pieces guitar chugs and wails just right. A track like this makes me think it’s totally of its time (1989) but then I think ‘who cares?’ Turn it up! Up next is Surprise! Your Dead!, which has some fucking fantastic guitar riffage, and  some crazy-man vocals. I love this track! It’s the most metal/thrash track here yet. Oh baby yes.

Zombie Eaters slows things down, arppegiating acoustic guitars, gentle tune. Very pretty. But wait, around the 2:00 minute mark… haha NOT! Here comes the heavy chug, baby, and it’s pure glory. This makes me want to drive really fast in my car. Not because of its speed, but because of its power. Next is the title track, and it’s another template FNM song. Hot damn, that’s awesome.

Underwater Love may be fairly straight-ahead pop rock with a real funky bass line, but it’s also a FNM song, so there’s that edge to it that must still carry a warning label… The Morning After has that recognizeable beat and bass sound, but also has enough of a sort of a Breakfast Club sound to it… until the guitars come in. Then all bets are off! A cool blend of the two sounds.

Woodpecker From Mars builds off weird sounds into an absolute rampage of guitar riffing that slows to meet and create a deluge of elements. When it really lets go, it’s practically Ministry. When it slows down, it could be a 90s Indian film track… when it shifts at the mid-point, it hardly matters – youre hooked. Super-cool! And then there’s the cover of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs which is spot-freaking-on. Loved it. And finally, Edge Of The World, which starts us off with finger snaps and then leads into a jazzy bluesy swinger of a tune. When it does the full reveal of this strip show, it’s exactly what you need to see.

In Sum:

Friggin’ brilliant. Of course. THANKS HEAPS, MIKE!!

12 thoughts on “Faith No More – The Real Thing

  1. J. says:

    Interesting. I never really loved anything FNM had done until their most recent album. That is one very, very fine album. Not a bad track on there. Plus, and this is important, it has muscle. The production is a huge improvement… I just think the ‘classics’ sound a bit thin.

    Still, it’s that you dig it and have this in your collection again that matters. Go, Mike! Community! Hurrah!


  2. deKE says:

    This is the only one I own along with The Fat Bastards vhs which is who knows where…hahaha….
    I dunno these guys rubbed me the wrong way live when I caught em opening for Guns N Metallica…which i reviewed of course! I know u boys love em but for me….well i’m happy for you’s! hahaha


    1. keepsmealive says:

      If they rubbed you the wrong way, Deke, you were likely too close to the stage!

      FNM may be your equivalent to my Joni Mitchell or My Bloody Valentine… ya just think maybe someday I’ll dig ’em… 😉


    1. keepsmealive says:

      And I’m much appreciative of receiving FNM! 🙂 It really is a cool record. Did I read correctly that this was Patton’s first effort with them? Maybe my memory was off on that…

      Mmmmm… metal stompings… (drools)…


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