Blind Melon – Soup

I used to own this one, back in the day. Likely my copy was victim of needing the cash more than I needed the disc, so I’ve lived without it for far too long. So, I’ve been on the hunt for this album for quite a while (and I didn’t care if it was the digipak or the regular case version), but for some reason I never seemed to find it. I even (recently) mentioned to Bop to keep his eyes peeled on my behalf. It’s not a Grail item per se, because it’s ostensibly out there easily enough (I assume), but still…

Then, at the eternally amazing Sonic Boom, I found the digipak for $5.99 in pristine shape all around. Nobody had even completed the word search on the back cover (I remember several people doing that, the fools), and I did a little dance of joy right there in the aisle. The Dance Of Soup Joy.

For the longest time, it was No Soup For Me! Now, it is SOUP FOR ME!

The Racy Lacy Anniversary Series, Part 3 (CD)

From its New Orleans funeral parade intro, through its easy swingin’ main bits, to its crashing end, Galaxie is one of Blind Melon’s best songs. The rest of the album stands up as purely phenomenal too.

Blind Melon did a thing, and they did it really well. Everyone loved the first record, but I always thought this one was waaaaaay better.

It grooves, moves, rocks, and it’s miles better than a lot of other stuff I heard then. R.I.P. Shannon.

20 thoughts on “Blind Melon – Soup

  1. J. says:

    Aw man. One of my absolute favourite albums this one (and long overdue a vinyl reissue). I could go on about this album for hours if given a chance!

    I remember thinking the debut was good, but it really wasn’t anything special. This, though, is special. Their creative peak (I didn’t much like the post-Hoon return) and quite a statement from Hoon himself. Every single track on this is marvellous. Melodically, vocally, instrumentally (?). Criminally underrated and it’s astounding it was ignored. Mostly because of No Rain.

    Glad you have this one in the collection again. I honestly believe everyone should have a copy of this.


    1. keepsmealive says:

      Oooo yeah a vinyl reissue of this one would rule. There’s a lot to love about this one – I always felt it better than the debut too!

      It was a long search, but I’m happy to have this one back!

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      1. J. says:

        There’s not a bad track on there. Love it. Can’t stress that enough.

        They reissued the debut a few years ago (RSD, perhaps), but there’s never been any mention of this one. I guess cause it didn’t sell well and, as far as I’m aware, some folks weren’t too kind about it. Eediots.

        The songs were great live, too. Absolutely fucking incredible album.


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