Yup, as of today, it’s been 10 YEARS OF KMA!!

Imagine that. Crazy!

The 10th anniversary is, traditionally, tin or aluminum. Tin is so hawt right now… 

We’ve seen a lot of things change, over these ten years. For example, the KMA has lived in a few homes, like Live Journal and Blogger, but WP seems to be working (for now) so that is where we’ll stay (for now). We do not have time for futzing around with glitchy free web sites. It’s free, dammit, we demand quality!

We’ve also added a whole lot of awesome Readers (that’s you!), when our humble beginnings were just James and myself and a few friends in Saskatoon. We’ve built a sweet community around here, and we love you all!

As for the writing here, well, of course we have very different styles, James and I. James writes quality, humourous slice of life posts. It’s excellent storytelling and knowledge about music all wrapped into one. These days, he mostly writes concert reviews rather than album reviews. We’re all fortunate that he goes to so many damn shows, because it means more James content! As for myself, well, you’d think that after 10 years of doing this I’d have gotten better at it in some small way… but, being me, that hasn’t really happened. I’ve tried a lot of things in these pages, including brevity, track by track reviews, the Sunday Services (where I jammed everything I’d heard all week into one long and surely boring post), and many other approaches. I always say I’m the monkey with the typewriter, flinging shit at the wall to see what’ll stick. You could probably boil down everything I’ve written here in these ten years into one word: WAHOO!

This blog came about, largely, because it was a cool way to keep in touch with James about music, after my lovely wife and I left Saskatoon and couldn’t have those conversations in person anymore. Mind you, James moved to Regina even before we left town ourselves, and we left in the spring of 2005, and this blog didn’t fire up ’til the fall of 2006… so even then we were right on the ball, eh?

And now it’s a 10 year anniversary. Crazy! I said to James that we needed to do something to mark this anniversary occasion. He said sure, let me know what you decide… Not having a lot of time to work on something big, he recently celebrated 20 years of his Stupid Little Concert Reviews (SLCRs) by re-posting his first post. Fair enough!

Now, if we did that with the KMA, it would read, in its entirety:

First Post!

Music blog coming up. The KMA is gonna rock ya.”


The first actual album post came the next day, on October 13, with Sloan’s Never Hear The End Of It. Actually, that title’s pretty apt for the work of Aaron in these pages, eh? But it was 10 years ago today that James created the blog online (since I had no idea how to do it, back then, and James has always been an internet wizard), and slapped up that intro post just to get something up there and get us started.

Well anyway, I knew we had to do something for this anniversary. This is a real occasion, right? RIGHT! I mean, ten years of doing this? Yeesh…

I had several ideas. Maybe a joint post with James? Maybe we could interview each other, ask 5 questions each about these ten years… or maybe I could write a line, send it to him, he writes the next line, sends it back, and we repeat that process until hilariousness ensues? But he’s a busy dude and that would all take time.

I thought about maybe doing a giveaway, some cool album or trinket. But what? And how to decide between all of our lovely Readers? Nah… At the very least there’d have to be lists of stats to say wow, look at all we done did (see below)…

What if we each picked 5 highlights from these 10 years, like favourite posts (there have been so many), or cool things that have happened because of this blog that likely wouldn’t have happened without the blog (like the Grail List). What if we got our beloved Readers to submit what they’ve liked from these years? Yeah, let others do it for us! Haha lazy.

Maybe a new theme? Nah, I like the one we have, honestly. The site doesn’t need any modifications, I don’t think. Besides, if you need a facelift at your 10th anniversary, it’s only downhill from there!

So, after much deliberation, and after all of that gibbering you’ve just read, it really all comes down to two words:


Yes. Thank you to James, for putting up with my blathering all these years, and for keeping us entertained and edified with your awesome posts.

And THANK YOU to all of our Readers for continuing to come back and check out what we’re posting. This community has grown into an awesome thing. We thank you for your friendship and support, and we love you all of your blogs and everything that you are!!

Some Time Stats:

10 years is…

0.1 century
1 decade
120 months
521.4 weeks
3,650 days
87,600 hours
5.2566 minutes
3.1548 seconds

Some KMA Stats:

It should be noted that I don’t believe that these WP stats are accurate at all. Especially not for the whole ten year period. We weren’t with WP from the start (if I read the page correctly, it seems we joined WP in 2012), so I don’t think our stats from the other sites carried over (except Number Of Posts). I think we’ll maybe never know our real stats, what with all our moving around.

Also, WP lists site stats in weird ways, on two different pages, so I don’t even really know if any of these are accurate at all. I’ll leave it up to you if you want to believe any of it, but this is what I saw on our Stats page:

Number Of Posts: 2,014 Posts (including today’s)
Comments: 15,766
Comments Per Month: 695
Categories: 3*
Pages: 7

* This ought to be 2: Posts By James, and Posts By Aaron. Apparently some of our posts have remained Uncategorized, and I need to go fix those.

3,1072MB Space Allowed, 490.66MB (16%) Space Used

Askimet has protected us from 9,507 Spam comments. So, thanks, Askimet!

Views: 41,585
Visitors: 9,712
Followers: 154

Most Popular Day: Monday (18% of views)
Most Popular Hour: 5:00pm (9% of views)

Best Views Ever: April 2, 2014, with 253 views of our site! In one day!
— The only thing posted on that day was a Classic Rock Magazine CD that HMO sent to me. The post has one comment on it. Must’ve been other things interesting to find on the KMA that day!

By nations, views from our Top 10 Readers’s Countries go like this:
Canada – 6,126
United States – 2,063
United Kingdom – 1,942
Germany – 314
Australia – 199
France – 168
Romania – 140
Brazil – 83
Ireland – 57
India – 42

Our Top 5 Post & Pages:
Home Page / Archive – 1,974
R.I.P. Marianne Ihlen – 351
R.I.P. Paul MacLeod – 137
Tragically Hip Series: Live Betwen Us (1997) – 130
KMA Sunday Service Week 4 – 123

Our Top 5 Ways People Are Finding Us:
WP Reader – 3,068
Search Engines – 2,422
Facebook – 364* – 209 – 100

* This is fascinating to me, as I do not and never will have a Facebook page. Maybe James does KMA stuff on his?

Our Top 5 Clicks (Links): media – 70 – 41 – 18 – 17 – 12

Our Top 5 Search Terms:
94.5 The Bull – 9
amazon music foo fighters b sides – 3
edenfest 1996 – 3
marianne ihlen – 2
the ben miller band – 2

11 Other Odd (some NSFW) Search Terms (all spellings are sic):
akai dialer silip
the rainbow connection kndd clockwork women
is there a heavy metal version of root down
kma fu pace katoon
marillion hell
sun brinnk milk and fucking video mom and sun
best fucking in the week
the best fucking
dog fucking calabrorations evry thing animall fuking
seliat abelavel


Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you. 
Thank you.
Thank you. 
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you. 
Thank you.

That’s a thank you for every year we’ve been doing this, and it still doesn’t feel like nearly enough. You are the best community in blogging, and we are exceedingly grateful for all of your participation and patience in this little project of ours that has just kept on keeping us alive…

Here’s to another ten years of KMA! Cheers, everyone!

25 thoughts on “THE KMA 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

  1. Heff says:

    We should be thanking you for all of the posts! I haven’t been a reader for too long, but have thoroughly enjoyed it all. Congratulations on 10 years. Well done. Pat yourselves on the back. Here’s to many more years of KMA!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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