Two Hours Traffic – Little Jabs

I didn’t even buy this one on my trip to Taranna with my lovely wife, so this isn’t even technically part of the Racy lacy series. But since I posted their Territory record this morning, I thought I’d throw in a bonus post as a .5 just to mention this one as well (which I bought at work).

In fact, I had this one first, and again I snagged it because it said Produced By Joel Plaskett on it. Damn straight.

The Racy Lacy Series (Not Really), Part 4.5 (CD)

What we have here is another collection of brilliant, intricate, perfectly-proportioned pop rock gems. One after another, the tunes just impress. It has energy, smarts, and panache. And it’s damn infectious. I defy you to sit still while listening to it!

I totally get why this band (which hails from Charlottetown), was so popular, nominated for Polaris prizes and playing NXNE. This stuff is friggin’ brilliant. Oh yeah, and their songs were featured on TV shows like Gossip Girl, Smallville, Ghost Whisperer, Happy Endings, Castle, and The O.C.*

It also saddened me to learn that this band split up in 2013. All that promise, great records and… now, no more. The reason given by the band was not any problems in the band, just that it’s too difficult to make a living in the music business in Canada. So I guess part of the blame falls on us. We should all have been buying their records, so they could keep making more! Damn.

If you see this one, or any of their other stuff, in the shops, buy it with confidence!


I typed this list of shows in from Wiki. I don’t own a TV and have never seen any of these shows (nor heard of most of them).

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