Two Hours Traffic – Territory

Alright folks, now that that 10th Anniversary shenanigans is behind us (thanks for all your well-wishes, folks!), things will return to normal around here. I’ve got two series on the go, so let’s get back to them today, shall we?

NB: As regards this album in discussion here, I am a simple man. I see “Produced by Joel Plaskett,” and I buy it. It’s that simple!

The Racy Lacy Anniversary Series, Part 4 (CD)

This is perfectly perfect pop rock music. It’s ridiculously and brightly tuneful, complex without being obtuse, and highly enjoyable.

There’s definitely an 80s sound in here, but of course it’s all updated too. Not ever song is a big pop rocker, but even the gentler moments are way better than most things you’ve heard lately.

Something about this sound makes me think these guys would do well at Mint Records…

High praise indeed, I really liked this record. Get yours!

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