Pixies – Velouria

Here’s another one I found at Sonic Boom, this time for $2.99!

The Racy Lacy Anniversary Series, Part 8 (CD)

Ah, Pixies! I do love ya! This single has some really great stuff.

Bossanova’s Velouria is a great mid-tempo rocker with that epic feel. You know this one.

Make Believe sounds like an 80s pop tune. The guitars are bigger, but it’s there!

Neil Young’s I’ve Been Waiting For You becomes a fun Pixies rocker, cool to hear them melding.

The Thing sounds like an OMD b-side, done by Pixies. I know!

The extra tracks aren’t typical Pixies. Fun times!

21 thoughts on “Pixies – Velouria

      1. J. says:

        I never did like Trompe le Monde and found Indie Cindy a bit tuneless also (haven’t heard anything off the new one).


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